How to use and apply The Bearded Chap Beard Oil

You've bought this amazing beard oil with your hard earned money, so what now? Below is a how to video that explains how to apply beard oil to your beard. 

Step 1: Buy a quality beard oil. There are a million different beard oils out on the market and not all are equal. Natural beard oil in our opinion are the best as the last thing you want todo is applying chemicals to your face and mouth. We recommend our Bearded Chap Original Beard OIl. This was the very first beard oil in the Australian market and one of the first in the world. 

Step 2: Depending on the size of your beard, place 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand. For larger beards use more, for shorter beards use less. Rub the beard oil to get an even coating across your hands. You should not have oil dripping off your hands. if you do, you have used to much.


Step 3: Start working the beard oil up through the beard and into the skin under your beard. Beard oil acts as an intensive moisturiser for your face and beard so its very important to reach your skin and not just to apply to the top of your beard. Work it in until you've given even coverage across your entire beard and moustache. If you need to apply more, do so. The beard oil will stop beardruff and dead skin, while softening down your beard hairs and maintaining their health.


Step 4: Once you have rubbed in the beard oil, you can then start to style your beard by combing or with a good quality bore hair brush. 

If you follow this method of applying beard oil every day, you will be well on your way to a great looking and healthy beard. 

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