The Bearded Chap Story.....

The story behind how Australia's first beard grooming and care products company came to be...

The Bearded Chap has always had facial hair since he came out of his mother’s womb in 1986. Over the years he has grown every style of beard from clean-shaven baby face to a full-grown beard and even an odd moustache. However, The Bearded Chap had the time-old problem that most men have when growing a beard. That crazy beard itch you get, after a week without shaving and beardruff (Dandruff of the face). 

The Bearded Chap tried experimenting with all types of lotions and potions to try and stop the dreaded itch and beardruff. Most left his beard feeling greasy and smelling like the freshly scented roses that you'd smell in a toilet spray. He decided there had to be something better to tame his wild beard. 

 The result; Australia’s first, world-class, premium Beard Oil. With strict criteria in mind, The Bearded Chap had to ensure that his Beard Oil moisturised the skin whether he had light to heavy stubble or a glorious full beard, and smell great so his lady friends didn’t complain.

 After months of research, sitting at the local bar, testing 32 different recipes on bearded men, working with skin & hair care experts and getting the approval on the intoxicating scent from the ladies, The Bearded Chap came up with the perfect formula for the Original Beard Oil.

And thus, The Bearded Chap as a company was born. With customers in over 50 countries around the world and sold in some of the best barber shops internationally, The Bearded Chap team makes sure that the beards from all over the world are looking, feeling and smelling their best! 

The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil was Australia's first beard specific product on the market. It possesses a masculine scent and light character, as it gently moisturises your face and beard. Each bottle is handcrafted & bottled in Australia by a bearded man, and with the perfect blend of premium oils that moisturise the face, nourish the beard, and tempt the ladies, it is a must have for any well groomed bearded man. 

The Bearded Chap  mens grooming product line currently includes our Old Time Moustache Wax, Original Beard Balm, Beard soap, Beard Wash, Military Spec deodorant and our gift packs and will be expanding into general men's grooming products in 2018.

All products that bear The Bearded Chap brand are made from the finest ingredients at our factory in Brisbane, Australia. We create these products with care and research to ensure that our products do what they say they do. We're certainly not the cheapest, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and in our case, we believe The Bearded Chap products are world leaders for quality and results when it comes to looking after your beard, body and hair and hope they help make Good Men, Great! 

The Bearded Chap 

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