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Why would I need beard oil?

Do you have light/heavy stubble or a full beard? Do you catch yourself constantly itching your face during the day? Do you look down when you're wearing a dark shirt or a suit and see beardruff everywhere? Then The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil is for you. With a unique blend of 11 moisturising oils that stop the itch and soften the beard and leave you with a subtle forest, citric, spicy scent. 

Do I need a full beard to use beard oil?

No, The Bearded Chap Beard Oil can be used on Light/Heavy stubble or a full beard. It is designed to replace girly moisturisers and won’t make your stubble/beard feel weird or slimy after use. 

How long before I start to notice a difference?

 Ten to fourteen days. That's how long it takes to add the moisture back to your skin. We all want immediate results but you need to be patient - Dr. Jeffrey Benabio - Expert behind Dove's Men+Care line.

Will it help my beard grow faster?

 No, Unfortunately our beard oil won't help you with beard growth. It is genetic. Most men are born with between 10,00-15,000 hair folicules and this does not change. The thickness and rate of growth comes down to genetics. Our Beard Oil will still moisturise your face though!

Do you have a Guarantee? 

 Yes,  If you are not 100% satisfied that your face is rehydrated and your beard is softer and well nourished with in the first 30 days, we'll give you your money back. We believe in our product and standy by that it is the No. 1 Beard Oil in the world!

What do combs & brushes actually do?

We stock Kent Combs & Brushes. These are made from the highest quality materials and all made by hand. The resin in the combs are all hand filed ensuring there are no microscopic tag that catch your hair and cause split ends. The special resin also stops static so your beard wont frizz out like a mad man. The Brushes use bore hair, which works perfectly with your own hair and helps spread the natural oils in the hair folicules making sure each hair is looked after and well nourished. They might be a little more expensive than your regular comb/brush, but you will have these forever! Until you own one, you won't understand how easy it makes grooming your beard and hair. 

When is the best time to start using beard oil?

Yesterday, of course! Seriously, Right Now! Today! This minute! Before you take another step! Waste another dollar! Get beardruff all over your shirt at a party! A girl tells you your beard smells! Have to scratch your beard because its itchy! Have to shave because you can't stand your beard! Far too many bearded men wait. They wait until they can't handle the feeling anymore or their girlfriend/partner tells them to shave it off. They never actually start grooming their beard properly because the've never been shown. They're just plain scared of buying something that looks girlie!  The perfect time to start using our beard oil is now! Ok... Give me some Beard Oil! 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We Ship to almost every country in the world! If you're not sure if we ship to yours, please email Sales@thebeardedchap.com to confirm shipping and postage prices.