January 04, 2018

Tim Dodd is one of our Australian Brand Educators for The Bearded Chap. Starting his barbering career in the UK 27 years ago he has run and owned successful barber shops in the UK and Australia. Apart from being extremely talented at his craft, and highly respected in the industry around the world, One of Tim's traits that he is known for is his humble attitude to learning and honing his craft and thirst for excellence in the barber industry. He holds his customers at the centre of his craft, as he believes that the most important thing in barbering is you, the person sitting the chair.

If you are new to beard maintenance, here is Tim's essential guide to taking care of your beard.

1. Buy a QUALITY Beard Oil. 3-6 drops every day. Massage very well into beard and skin for about 30 seconds. Beard Oil is a hyper intensive moisturizer for the skin and beard that hydrates the skin and keeps your beard hair healthy and soft.  A high quality Beard Oil should not be greasy and should absorb quickly into your skin and beard. (Becareful not to use too much or you can still get greasy from over saturation of oil content in the skin). Your skin can get very dry and flakey under your beard due to a variety of factors, we  call it "Beardfuff", which leaves you looking scruffy and constantly scratching. A quality Beard Oil will also ensure the that beard hair you do have is as healthy as possible which helps stop your beard from becoming brittle and snapping off.

2. Use a Beard Balm. While Beard Oil is a moisturizer for your face and beard, Beard Balm is the styling product for beards. You don't need to use to much, depending on the size of your beard, eg a short corporate beard no longer than an 2cm, half a thumb nail will do. Rub it into your hands to melt and get an even coverage. Then apply to your beard by smoothing down and style. (Don't rub into your skin as balms usually contain waxes than can block your pores and cause pimples.) The scent should be subtle and something you like,  TIP: It's a styling product, not a cologne. 

3. Mustache wax is for those who wish to style their moustache for a more regal look or help train a full moustache out of your mouth. The Bearded Chap's mo wax has a medium hold with a natural look. Use the size of a garden pea. Split in half and roll between your fingers to warm up. Then apply firmly and comb through the moustache. Add more until desired style is acquired.

4. My Favourite product in The Bearded Chap range in my opinion is the beard wash. It smells great, cleanses your skin and beard. Washes away the dirt and grime from your day, without drying out, adding loads of moisture. It will make your beard like rabbit fur. My wife loves the feel of my beard after I've used it! And that's always a good thing:-) TIP: The Bearded Chap Original Beard Soap is a great alternate to the wash if you're travelling due to its small size and has the same effect, while being a bit lighter on your wallet too :-)

If you want to take your beard to the next level I recommend using The Bearded Chap's range of products. Don't expect people to take your beard seriously until you take your beard grooming regime and products seriously.

Enjoy Gents. 

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