Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s the difference?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at The Bearded Chap is should I buy beard oil or beard balm? And what’s the difference between the two?

Beard oil: The basic function of Beard oil is to act as a moisturizer for your face and beard. It comes in liquid form and is generally made up of combinations of base and essential oils. Quality beard oil should be made from 100% natural ingredients and stop beardruff by keeping the skin moisturized and help to nourish and soften down the beard hairs, making them easier to manage. Beard oil can be used on guys with heavy stubble, short beard, full beard and all the way through to a bush beard. Beard oil has very little hold so won’t keep those strays down but it will add vitality and sometimes a slight sheen. Frequency of use of beard oil depends on your environment. Guys who are in and out of the surf, in the out doors, harsh dry environments or even in air-conditioned environments can use beard oil every day to replenish the moisture and nourishment stripped from the beard throughout the day. In humid environments or gents who have more naturally oily skin, we tend to recommend using beard oil 2-3 times a week. Watch out for beard oils that have synthetics in them. The easy way to tell is an almost sticky consistency when you rub it into your hands.


Beard Balm: Beard Balm is essentially a pomade/styling product for your beard to help keep stray beard hairs down, keeping the beard neat and tidy. It’s secondary function is to act as a stay in conditioner. A traditional beard balm again is made from 100% natural ingredients, usually containing ingredients such as beeswax and Shea butter. The solid ingredients combined with base and essential oils provide a unique product that is in solid form in its container, but when you remove a lick of balm from the container and rub into your hands, it should melt very quickly into a oily paste. This allows for easy application onto the beard. As the beard balm cools back to room temperature, it will achieve a semi solid state, which is what provides you with the light/medium hold keeping those tray beards at bay and giving you a lush and dense look to your beard. Beard balm is designed for the hairs and its shouldn’t be rubbed into the skin like beard oil. A good beard balm should absorb into your beard throughout the day and shouldn’t leave you with a greasy beard. There are a synthetic balms on the market that dry and become crunchy,

 Q: Can I use Beard Balm and Beard Oil together?

A: Yes, you can definitely use it together as they take care of the two different elements. Beard oil stops beardruff and softens your beard. Beard balm styles your beard keeping those strays down while acting as a stay in conditioner.

 Check out our Original Beard Oil or Original Beard Balm to learn more about each product or click here for our how to videos on application of beard oil and beard balm.



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