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How To Soften A Beard

If you're growing your beard out you've asked this question, in the bid to rid yourself of the itch. But even if you're rocking a full beard and have been for a while, you might still be wondering how to make your beard soft, either for yourself or your girlfriend.

Luckily, we know everything there is to know about beards, and that includes how to trim, care and yes, how to soften beard. Below we'll cover everything you need to know, from how to use beard oils to make your bristles soft, right through to beard wash, home remedies, and how long you'll need to wait.

A soft beard is a healthy beard, but knowing exactly how to get a soft beard if yours is rough is another thing. If you're still wondering how to soften your beard hair, it's time for answers. But fear not men, we've got your back.

Why Is My Beard Hair So Rough?

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If you're suffering from rough beard, it's only natural you might wonder what is making your beard so brittle. Here's a few of the prime suspects:

The Wrong Products

Shampooing and conditioning with products not designed for a beard can also have the effect of stripping moisture from your beard, so washing your beard in a dedicated beard shampoo will help. These products can also dry the skin, and a good beard oil will replenish the moisture and natural oils in your skin and beard.

The Elements

Hot and cold weather will both damage the hair on your face and dry it out. And dry equals rough. Unfortunately, you will probably need to keep going outside. And besides, what’s the point of a beard if nobody sees it? Luckily there are things you can do to protect your beard from the worst of the weather.

Split Ends

Split ends make beards uneven, unruly and generally uncool. Just like when your hair grows out, beards get split ends as they get longer. Life, the elements, UV, and a whole host of other things will damage and dry the hair, and cause the cuticle to break down, allowing your hairs to split at the end during hair growth. Not only will it feel rough, it’ll look rough too.

Be warned, trimming can cause split ends too, so make sure the blades on your trimmers or beard scissors are sharp.


If you’re dehydrated, your beard will be too. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s attached to you. So the more water you have in your system the more there is likely to be in your beard. And the more moisture in your beard, the softer it will be.

Bad Beard Grooming

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After reading all the above you might have felt a bit hopeless, wondering how are you going to learn how to soften facial hair with all of that going on? Despite all that’s listed above, this is the number one cause of rough beards. In fact, there’s nothing that can’t be prevented or treated with proper beard care and grooming.

Can You Make Beard Hair Softer?

Yes! With proper grooming anything is possible. Washing your beard with beard shampoo, beard oils and beard balms are just a few of the ways you can re-moisturize. Invest in oil, shampoo, and a beard comb or a beard brush at least. Even better, regular use will prevent your beard from drying out ever, so you can experience a softer beard.

Below we've listed some of the most effective ways of keeping your beard soft. Check out our guide to using beard oil and balm if you need more details.

How To Soften Your Beard

However, even if we know the causes, many men are still no wiser when it comes to how to make facial hair soft. Below are a few tips you can follow, which we know will help.

Beard Oil

soften beard with beard oil

The best beard softener, and our number one recommendation for those looking to make beard and bristle softer. Beard oils will do wonders to keep you free from beard itch. Beard oil has a dual effect. First, it replenishes lost oils and moisture in your beard hair, which is sure to make your beard softer. But it also moisturises the skin beneath, which is no longer accessible with your usual moisturiser. This will help hydrate your skin too. So use it to make your beard hairs soft, and benefit from the extra skin care at the same time.

Applying beard oil twice a day at first will really saturate your beard hair in oil and moisture, and you'll see results twice as fast. After this though revert to using once every day, or your beard will appear greasy.

Does Beard Oil Soften Stubble?

The ways how to make facial hair soft are the same as with a full beard, so yes oil will help. If you're wondering how to keep your beard soft while it's still very short, oil can make stubble softer. Short hairs generally feel more harsh as there is little give in them, and unfortunately only beard growth will change that. Beard oil will certainly help to make hair soft though, and can relieve the itch associated with growing your beard.

Beard Wash

Normal shampoos, face wash, and soap can all have the effect of drawing moisture from your beard. Even shampoos which are designed to hydrate will do the opposite to beard hair.

So how to look after and more importantly, how to make hairs softer then? Using the correct beard shampoo is a great start. A dedicated wash using natural ingredients will keep your beard hydrated. Using this regularly will make your beard softer, and have the welcome side effect of keeping it clean, healthy, and smelling great. But make sure you don't wash your beard too often: one time every 2-3 days is enough.

Beard Conditioner

If you've washed and oiled and you're still wondering how to make hairs soft, you might want to consider using a conditioner.

For those who've tried all the other approaches and are left still wondering 'how to make my beard soft', a beard conditioner is a must. Beard conditioner will add an extra layer of hydration, and so just like those with problematic head hair, can help to maintain your beard, and keep your cuticles healthy and you free from split ends.

Beard Balm

beard wash and beard balms

Balm is a little different to the other products as it is partly a styling product, which gives your beard depth and thickness, and makes it easier to style. It does this as the balm coats the hairs, making them more pliable. So, on the surface, perhaps this doesn't seem the best was to soften beard hair! But the balm also protects your beard from the harshest of the elements and UV, forming a protective layer which keeps your beard hair healthy.

So sometimes, the way is to make it a little less soft (for a while).

Brush, Trim and Groom

Regular brushing will keep your beard in good shape and tangle free. And semi regular trimming will remove split ends, and help to keep your beard in check. The more attention you pay to your beard, the healthier it is going to be. And the healthier it is, the softer it will become!

Getting your grooming game tight will help on every level, so become dedicated to keeping your beard in the best shape. Wash and condition with the right products, apply beard oil daily, and consider using beard balm if you spend a lot of time outside in the elements.A comb and brush can go a long way too.

How Long Does It Take For Beards To Soften?

If you're dedicated, you should see results within a few weeks. Use oil twice a day at the beginning: oil is the number one way to soften beard hairs, so this period of saturation will go a long way. Use beard wash every three days, as overuse can have the opposite effect and actually dry out your beard. And consider using a beard conditioner.

Keeping your beard in good shape and free of split ends will also help, so trim but not too often, and brush daily.

What Home Remedy Can I Use To Make My Beard Soft?

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Many of the techniques we have described can be achieved without spending any money. Grooming and brushing your beard require no products, just a brush or scissors. We do recommend purchasing the right tools though, and beard combs, brushes and scissors are custom made to deal with the thicker hairs on your face.

There are many other home remedies available to you: for example you could make your own beard oil or wash, if you have access to the necessary ingredients.

However, finding the right formula could take a while! Luckily, we have already formulated dedicated oil, balm and wash, all made from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. If you're struggling with a rough or itchy beard, check out our full range and we're sure you'll find everything you need to soften your beard, and to keep it that way.

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