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Ultimate Men's Hair Care Guide

We've embarked on the intrepid journey of teaching men everywhere how to grow the best beards and style their hair. Once you've managed to tame the mane on your face, it's time to turn your attention skyward and think about the hair on your head. It's not more important than your facial hair. In fact, our ultimate goal is to help you develop the perfect hair and beard care routine that leaves you feeling and looking like a million bucks every day.

Whether you're working with a lion's mane or trying to manage hair loss, we've got the perfect tips for you in our official men's hair care guide.

Man in suit with healthy hair

What Is a Good Hair Care Routine?

You don't need a plethora of products for healthier hair. Anyone who tries to pitch five different shampoos and hair products is just trying to steal your money. At the Bearded Chap, we believe in the value of simplicity. The best hair styling products, shampoos and conditioners aren't complicated. Their natural ingredients are what make them work so well, and you don't need a PhD in chemistry to understand their label.

To make things easy for you, first break down your hair ritual into three parts:

  • Hair washing
  • Conditioning
  • Styling

Washing and conditioning are a two-in-one deal, but they still merit their own attention and products. We suggest always choosing a sulfate-free shampoo with natural ingredients. Organic products aren't just for your pantry; going natural leads to better results and, in most cases, a better impact on the environment, too. Shampoo's job is to remove dirt and excess oil, but the trick is finding a product that doesn't harm your scalp. A hair conditioner locks in moisture, nourishes hair and promotes good hair health with minimal dryness, breaking and shedding.

Man checking his healthy hair

Our guide to men's hair care products can tell you everything you need to know about buying the right shampoos, conditioners and recommend the best men's hair styling products for your hair type. Study up, and once you've armed yourself with all the essentials, read on for how to use them.

How Many Times a Week Should a Man Wash His Hair?

A shower a day might be your safe haven, but it can be murder if you wash your hair daily. Daily baths can also dry out your skin and strip it of the natural oils it needs to look nourished. While there are certain lads whose jobs merit daily showers, most of you shouldn't wash your hair every 24 hours.

Instead, experts suggest shampooing no more than three times a week, unless your scalp feels especially oily or you've sweated a lot that day. Over-washing, and this includes washing too aggressively, can harm your scalp and hair. It leaves your hair dull and brittle and makes your hair dry, which means it breaks more easily and is harder to style as well. You may try to wash your hair more because it lacks moisture, but the opposite is true. Instead of treating dry hair with more washing, you'll want less washing to keep hair healthy and retain your natural oils.

Tips for Healthy Scalp Care

Do you suffer from an itchy scalp, lots of dandruff or constant dry skin? There are a few reasons why. The first is that you may be washing your hair too often. In addition to negatively impacting the integrity of your hair, too much shampoo also strips your skin of natural oils. Moisture is important, but you can achieve it through other means besides washing constantly.

Bearded man combing his hair

A good quality hair oil can be lightly applied daily to keep your skin soft and prevent dryness and flaking. If you have oily hair or an oily scalp, then you will need a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that restores balance to your scalp. This is why product choice is key; choosing the wrong one for your hair type can lead to greasy hair and a build-up of dead skin cells that result in constant snow drifts of dandruff, not to mention a dry scalp.

When you apply some hair oil, give yourself a little scalp massage to promote healthy blood circulation and a healthier scalp. Good blood flow naturally stretches the hair follicles, leading to more healthy hair and scalp. It can also stimulate hair growth and deter hair loss in men who are experiencing hair thinning and patchiness.

How Can Men Improve Their Hair Texture?

Contrary to the image of the brusque and burly lumberjack who couldn't care less about his weathered look, most men want healthy looking hair with a high shine. They're just as self-conscious about a bad hair day as women, and they deserve to feel good about how they look.

The right comb and products are important when it comes to nourishing your hair. If you struggle with frizzy hair, for example, you can tame it with some spray or hair wax and use a natural bristles brush to prevent knots and tangles when you comb hair.

Young man with healthy hair

You also have to be consistent. Don't skip your shampoos, conditioning and hair products like a sea salt spray or vitamin E. You have to show your hair a little love daily to keep it happy. If you use a blow dryer on wet hair, make sure you use the lowest heat setting. Too much exposure to heat from a blow dryer can lead to a dry scalp and dry hair.

How Do Men Get Soft and Shiny Hair?

Like many amazing ideas, good hair starts in the shower. You should shampoo using a quarter-size amount and use the tips of your fingers to work up a decent lather. Take your time here, and enjoy a scalp massage. Don't be a scrub-and-done kind of guy. Grooming your hair can be a luxurious experience, even if you're the only one tending to it. Work the product into your hair, standing away from the stream to avoid rinsing it too soon. Once you've thoroughly lathered every lock, you can gently rinse it before moving on to conditioning. Keep your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting when blow drying your hair.

Men's Hair Care Tips for Every Hair Type and Hairstyle

Now it's time to get down to the details of hair care tips for men. The general approach to healthy hair is easy enough, but you'll have to customize your routine if you want the best results for your hair type. We've broken down our suggestions based on different hair types with various textures and levels of volume. If you have a lot of hair, then you'll take a different approach than a man who's losing his.

stylish man touching his hair

Scroll down to find the section that best suits you. Remember that your routine may also change as your hair grows. If you're working on getting that coveted man bun or shifting from a close crop to something more natural, you'll need to use different styling tips to suit the changes.

Certain products may also be ruled out as your hair quality improves. Some products are best at repairing and replenishing damaged hair while others are ideal for maintaining good health and appearance.

Bear in mind that if you're ever in doubt, your barber or stylist is your best friend. It's their job to not only help you look good but also educate their clients on the best way to care for their hair.

Tips for Thick Hair

Thick hair should be tamed with a wide toothed comb to avoid knots and tangling. Do this once or twice a day, and keep one on-hand if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The elements can make your hair much harder to manage, especially if you're into sports, hiking, surfing and the like.

Smiling man with thick hair

Moisturizing is important for men with thick hair because it's prone to dry out quickly; opt for shampoos and hair gels with natural ingredients like avocado, coconut or tea tree oil. They'll nourish your hair and keep it looking shiny, healthy and voluminous.

Avoid undergoing frequent chemical treatments; even if you want to dye your hair, you should leave that to the skilled hands of a trusted barber or professional stylist. Otherwise, you run the risk of destroying your hair and harming the skin on your scalp.

Tips for Long Hair

Long hair needs more brushing and trimming; if you are into styling hair product, you'll want to opt for a spray or hair styling powder to maintain a natural look with plenty of movement. Only use products with a low to medium hold and shine, otherwise your hair will appear stiff and brittle.

man touching his long hair

If you're trying to maximize hair growing and get a decent mane, you'll need some patience and preparation. Growing out hair is frustrating, especially during those awkward stages where you can't quite get a man bun and your bangs look like a bad chop job from a back alley barber. In this case, you'll absolutely want a professional on your side who can give you a great style during every stage of growth.

Shampoo two to three times a week with a high-end product made from natural ingredients. Don't brush your long hair when it's wet. It might feel easier, but it can actually lead to greater damage because you inadvertently stretch and pull the strands. Tears and hair loss are more likely if you pull too much, so always be gentle. Air dry is the best way to go, but you can blow dry on low heat or cool if you're in a rush.

Tips for Wavy and Curly Hair

Curly hair and wavy hair comes in many variations, and it's usually on a spectrum from lightly tousled to unruly. Some guys have a natural bed head that they can rock without much effort, but not all of us are that genetically blessed. Some textures, especially curly hair, are more difficult to manage, so you'll want to find sulfate free shampoos and natural hair conditioners designed to manage your hair type.

Hair pomade

When it comes to hair styling products, you want something that offers plenty of movement but still offers a decent hold. We suggest matte hair clay, pomade or wax, which you can use in moderation to achieve your desired look.

You'll want hair-smoothing serums that naturally treat the oil producing sebaceous glands on your scalp; wavy and curly hair can quickly turn oily or greasy without proper maintenance. The right tools are also essential; a wide tooth comb and natural bristle brush will help you keep frizz in check.

Tips for Thin Hair

One mistake men with thinning hair make is easing up on their hair grooming routine. They feel like they're losing enough as is and don't want to make things worse, or you may get so frustrated that you just say, "Why bother?"

Although most male hair loss is hereditary, you can still combat it and manage thinning hair. Even if you don't have Prince Charming's flowing blonde locks, you can still find a style that looks good on you. Barbers are pros at working with every hair type, and yours can probably offer some suggestions on the best cut to minimize the appearance of thin areas and bald spots.

man with thin hair

Choosing the right style is key here. You can either go short and shave or keep things tame on the sides while maximizing volume up top. It really depends on the level of thinning and hair loss your experiencing as well as the location on your head. For example, a receding hair line isn't the same as a thinning crown.

Tips for Men's Hair Growth

Whether you want to grow longer hair or create more fullness, you can stimulate hair growing in a few ways. Beyond getting the right products, you'll want to focus on scalp health. This is where your hair follicles are, after all, and they're the key players when it comes to hair healthiness.

A normal scalp won't need much beyond regular washing, but an oily scalp can make growing long hair a pain. Keep stress to a minimum as this can cause sebaceous activity to increase, resulting in greasy hair.

businessman touching his hair

Avoid harsh products or chemical treatments that promote growth of hair. Keep it natural, hand-pick the right products for your hair and scalp and ask your barber for suggestions whenever you're stumped. Keeping them in the loop will be important anyway as you work on achieving your desired length.

Hair Trimming Tips

Trimming is a routine part of a good men's hair routine, but it's often rarely considered. If you have short hair, then you don't need to worry about the right time to trim or finding the right tools. However, for men who sport more than a buzz cut, trimming and styling can't be overlooked.

The first thing you'll want to do is talk to your barber about hair trimming and your current hair condition. We're not just avoiding split ends here. Trims are designed to naturally facilitate hair growth and promote strong, healthy hair cells from root to tip.

Building a relationship with your barber or stylist is important. When you trust them, you're more comfortable asking for suggestions and tips on how to manage your hair. You'll take their word for which products to try and what styles might work best for you.

barber trimming hair

Stop by every six to eight weeks for a light trim; small cuts cost less but their impact is unmistakable. Don't think that avoiding trims will magically grant you thicker hair, either. No amount of cutting is going to give you ten times more volume. Fullness, if it's not natural, is achieved through good products and the right style.

Embrace Your Hair

Don't force your hair to be what it's not. It's much easier to accept what you have to work with than it is to constantly try miracle products that can't come through on their word. Work with your natural part rather than trying to constantly rake your hair forward. If it grows a certain way, embrace it and find a style and the right products that work for you!

Still searching for the right styling and grooming products? Check out the Bearded Chap's full collection here.

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