Beard & Hair Grooming Kits

The Bearded Chap beard & hair grooming kits are the perfect gift for yourself or your bearded loved one. The beard grooming kit contain the essentials such as a beard oil, beard balm and beard wash shampoo. Hairstyling Kits combine pomade, matte clay and hair styling powder. With a combination of these items, you're sure to land some favour when you present your gifts. If you're new to the beard game or styling game, this is a great way to stock up your beard care kit with the finest offerings from The Bearded Chap. Read more

The Platinum Head-to-Toe Bundle

$828.00 $559.00

Ultimate Beard Care Bundle

Rated 4.5 stars
2 Reviews
$692.00 $414.00

Ultimate Hair Styling Bundle

$262.00 $157.00

Beard Starter Bundle

Rated 5.0 stars
2 Reviews
$212.00 $168.00

Hair Styling Bundle

$211.00 $179.00

Beard Oil Bundle

Rated 4.5 stars
2 Reviews
$443.00 $369.00

Body Bundle

Rated 4.8 stars
4 Reviews
$130.00 $111.00

Beard Wash Variety Bundle

Rated 4.9 stars
174 Reviews
$166.00 $150.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beard grooming kit?

The best beard grooming kit will:

  • Contain a nourishing, natural beard oil.
  • Include a beard balm to style your beard.
  • Ideally include a beard wash to keep your beard clean.
  • Be made by a trusted company.
  • And one who specializes in men's grooming.
  • Be made from natural ingredients.
  • Include products formulated especially for beards.
  • Care for your skin and the beard.

Do beard grooming kits actually work?

Yes, beard grooming kits do work. In fact, they are essential if you want your beard to look healthy and smell great. Beard grooming kits will normally contain beard oil, beard wash and often beard balm: everything you need to care for your beard.

What is in a beard grooming kit?

A beard grooming kit should normally include beard oil, to nourish and hydrate your skin and beard. You should also expect to find a dedicated beard shampoo, and often a beard balm to help style your beard and protect it from the elements.

Find out more with our Guide To Beard Grooming Products.

What beard grooming kit do I need?

The beard grooming kit you need to keep your beard healthy and clean would be a beard wash, a good, natural beard oil, and a beard balm for styling. To fully groom your beard, you should also consider buying a beard comb and some scissors for trimming and shaping your beard.

Read our Barbers' Guide to Beard Grooming Essentials to find out all you need for your beard grooming kit.

How do you use a men’s beard grooming kit?

Here’s how to use a men’s beard grooming kit:

  1. First, wash your beard using the beard shampoo.
  2. Then, thoroughly dry and comb your beard.
  3. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your palm.
  4. Work across your fingers, and then work into the beard.
  5. Once beard the oil has soaked in, apply balm in the same manner.
  6. Comb your beard into style.

How do you groom your beard for beginners?

Here’s how to groom a beard for beginners:

  1. Wash your beard as you do your hair with beard shampoo.
  2. Dry thoroughly.
  3. It’s important to comb upwards before you trim.
  4. You can now trim - be careful to follow your trimming guide.
  5. Apply the beard oil - just a few drops will do.
  6. Work into the beard, and comb again.

Do you need a grooming kit for a short beard?

Yes, short beards need grooming just as much as long beards. You still need to look after your facial hair, and the skin beneath. A beard wash and beard oil are the minimum you should be using. If you’re growing your beard, grooming products will help relieve beard itch and nourish your beard and skin.

What are the best beard grooming products?

The best beard grooming products will:

  • Be made of natural ingredients.
  • Help clean your beard of any dirt and pollutants.
  • Hydrate your beard to keep it soft.
  • Relieve any itching.
  • Help protect the skin beneath your beard.
  • Allow you to style your beard without drying it out.
Find out more with our Guide To Beard Grooming Products.
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