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The Best Gifts For Men With Beards

Struggling to find a gift for the man (or men) in your life? Buying for a man with a beard can be challenging, especially with an ever growing range of beard gifts available. A safety razor and some shaving cream just isn't going to cut it! Perhaps a beard mug, or a t-shirt with a beard on. Erm ... sorry. This year, mugs and t-shirts are out too.

So where do you start: beard kit, beard care products, beard oil, or a beard comb? Beards require as much, if not more care than hair, so deciding (especially if you're not in the know) could be tough. Luckily, we've got a host of kits and beard gift ideas, and beard grooming kit, so you can help your man with his beard care. And this gift guide has even more to give.

But what if the bearded man you're buying for has already got everything in his beard grooming kit? Well, that's not all: we've thrown together some ideas from out of left field at the bottom of the list, just in case your man's grooming game is already tighter than tight.

Read on for our top ideas for beard gifts for men this Christmas, specifically for those who rock at least a little bit of facial hair.

1. Trilogy Beard Grooming Kit

trilogy rugged beard kits

Top of the list in our bearded gift guide. One of the more obvious gift ideas for the bearded man in your life, because this is pretty much everything you need to keep a beard healthy and looking great, and will help nourish the skin on his face beneath - the ultimate beard kit. Beard oils mimic and boost the oil that beards naturally produce, to moisturise and soften. Beard balm helps style and nourish, and our beard wash will provide a means to keep your beard 100% clean. The three beard grooming essentials, in one beard grooming kit.

A poor washing and maintenance routine is the number one cause of straggly, messy looking beards. Which is why dedicated beard shampoo and oils are so important. We've included what we think is the best beard balm (also sometimes called beard butter), to help style and shape the beard. Like lip balm, it also helps to hydrate the skin.

Our beard oil, beard balm and beard wash are all made from 100% natural ingredients and with hints of manly scents throughout, the products are not only great for your man's skin and beard hair,  they'll keep him smelling amazing too. Possibly the ultimate gift set for men with beards, and definitely the best beard care kit for our money. Add a beard comb set or beard brush to this gift box and it's game over. Need more reasons why beard oil is the perfect Christmas stocking filler? See our last post for all the deets.

2. Hair Styling Trilogy Kit

hair trilogy kit

No matter the mood, our Trilogy Hair Styling gift set has everything he needs for his head hair too, for whatever style he's going for. Our three top hair products in one box! Contains our Traditional Pomade, great for classic combed looks or even more tassled natural styles. Alongside this is our Hair Powder, perfect for light styling and adding volume to dry or fine hair, or hair that can look greasy if oil is added. And top of the pile, my favourite - our Australian Matte Clay gives you total control whilst maintaining your hair's natural look.

Like our beard balm, beard shampoo and beard oil, the clay and all the other natural ingredients we've packed in will nourish the hair and scalp into the bargain.

3. Dovo Moustache & Beard Scissors: Stainless Steel

dovo moustache beard scissors

If the bearded guy in your life already has his grooming game tight, his bathroom cupboard is overflowing with beard products already. So if your man's already stocked for beard oil, beard balm and all the other beard products, what to do? Of course, gift ideas for men who already have everything are always tough to come by. However, even if he has a pair already, these Dovo Moustache and Beard scissors are as good as it gets - meaning you're almost guaranteed to be providing an upgrade. Favoured by Barbers across the world, Dovo's scissors are custom designed to trim and neaten beards.

Paired with a beard brush or beard comb, and perhaps some precision trimmers, he need never visit the barber again. It's worth noting that regular trimming can help prevent split ends and ingrown hairs, so this is beard care too.

4. Wahl Beard Trimmer

wahl beard trimmer

From one of the biggest names in the game, one of the best gifts. This Wahl Beard and Stubble Trimmer is perfect for maintaining a shorter style, so if your man rocks a short beard, stubble or needs to precision cut his goatee, why not arm him with one of the best tools on the market? One of the best gifts for men, even those who have a trimmer: because the Wahl is one of the best about. Even guys with much longer facial hair can benefit from the precision trimming on offer. Pair with a beard brush for the full effect.

5. Gin

 78 degrees classic gin

If you've made it this far, then I'm guessing whoever this bearded man is, he's already pretty well looked after in the grooming stakes. Well, good for him. Doesn't help you much in your search though, does it?

As we all know, booze is the ultimate Xmas present fallback. But you can't buy just anything: it's Christmas, after all. So why not treat him to one of these award winning, lovingly distilled artisan classic gins from 78 Degrees? The 78 Degrees Classic Gin is not only a great gift, but a perfect way to help support small local businesses through these troubling times.

6. Desky Standing Desk 

 desky standing desk

With all 2020 brought us, there's a good chance the bearded man in your life is working from home either full time or a bit more than before. And as great as it is, all the beard oil in the world won't save him from the pain of postural problems, nor will it stop him becoming sedentary, overweight and in bad health.

Luckily, there are gift ideas for men who are now working from the living room which will help maintain their health and keep them pain free- enter the Desky Dual Melamine Sit Stand Desk. With a range of heights both seated and standing that will accommodate even the biggest of guys, the Desky Dual can support even the most full on office set up, and the custom designed frames are the most stable available: when still, and when transitioning between heights. Men with beards need to watch their health too: give yours a head start.

7. RM Williams boots

rm williams boots

A gift idea for if your man's beard style is already honed and his grooming game's tight. He might still need a little help with his styling elsewhere. A personal fave of mine, RM Williams Chelsea Boots are the perfect balance of stylish, smart and casual - truly a shoe for all occasions! Beautifully made, from top quality leather, they would compliment any look. From jeans and t-shirt, to corporate. And of course, they go well with facial hair.

8. Birdwell Beach Britches

birdwell beach britches

A complete change of direction, but if you're near the beach this Xmas time and the weather's good where you are, why not pair these Birdwell Beach Britches with your man's beard - ok, not technically a beard gift, but again, can you see these NOT working with a beard? Didn't think so. Facial hair or not, good britches are good britches.

9. Yeti Esky Tundra 45 Cooler

yeti esky tundra 45 cooler

Your man's spoiled with beard oil, already got a beard gift set, and he's just upgraded his beard shaping tool kit, so he needs no help with his beard shaping. And he's already got a pair of breeches. Well, he's going to need a drink to go with all of that! And there's no use looking that good if your drink's warm.

The Yeti Esky Tundra 45 is the only coolbox you will ever need! Durable roto molded construction, and up to two inches of Yeti's patented PermaFrost™ Insulation will ensure your drinks never get warm in the sun!

10. Ralph Lauren Cologne

ralph lauren

Natural beard oils have a subtle scent, as mainly they are designed to nourish the beard with high quality, healing ingredients. The same is true of natural beard butter, and most other beard care products. Sometimes, you need a little bit more.

Ralph Lauren's range of colognes are perfect for the bearded man, with a range of masculine scents to choose from. One of the most famous names on the planet, and for good reason. There's something for every man in Ralph Lauren's range.

11. Alvey Reels

alvey reels combo

If the man you're buying for is a fisherman, then it's no surprise he's rocking a beard. Why not surprise him with a piece of top end gear from Alvey Reels? One of the most trusted names out there and well known for the high quality of their gear, Alvey Reels are some of the most durable and hard wearing on the market. 

12. Sony PlayStation 5

playstation 5

That's right, the Playstation 5 has landed and is undoubtedly the must-have gift for children, teenagers: and yes, bearded, fully grown men.

If your man is a gamer, it might be time to check the bank balance and get him the thing you know he really wants.

13. Really epic book

epic book

OK, a classic fall back: but let's just take a moment to appreciate one of the finest gifts of all, the book. Whether it's an autobiography of someone he admires, a ripping yarn or some self help, buying a book as a gift lets you show the receiver that you actually GET them. And that's the best gift of all.

Bearded Chap founder Luke Swenson, a carnivore by all accounts, recommends this book about Meat: The Ultimate Companion. If the guy you buy for likes meat with his beard, you could be onto a winner. 

Ready to do your holiday shopping? Get your gifts from the Bearded Chap's selection of beard care products and don't forget to check out our Christmas deals!

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