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Finally, a one stop shop where you will be able to read about all the questions you've ever had about looking after your beard. We'll be posting up step by steps on how to care for your beard, apply our beard products, style and a whole lot more. We'll also be answering your questions that you have via new regular video segment called #ASKthebeardedchap! To have you're questions answered, please tweet them with the #ASKthebeardedchap. Make sure you check back every week for the latest content.
We also encourage you to comment below and continue the conversation about beard care and mens grooming in general. 
Enjoy Gentlemen......

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February 09, 2017


I notice you don’t sell beard conditioners/shampoos – is that because you don’t believe in it or you just don’t sell it? If you do use/recommend using conditioner, any brands that you can suggest?

Cheers, Col

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