The Bearded Chat EP #009 Sam 'Rusty' Russell

Sam 'Rusty' Russell is the Founder of PRS (Precision Rifle Series) in Australia, a franchise of the Precision Rifle Series USA, founder of Impact Dynamics, a organisation that is all things shooting and President of Practical Rifle SA, based in Adelaide in South Australia where Rusty resides. Rusty is well know in the PRS space, where he has help create the founding community of the sport in Australia through firearm education & training and creating content focused around the Precision Rifle community, which now has a reach all over the world through his podcast and youtube channel. Rusty gives an insight into the sport of Precision Rifle Shooting and his ups and downs in Business, putting it all on the line over COVID-19 in 2020 to come out the other end on top! You can check out Impact Dynamics online at or following them on @impactdynamics or Rusty's personal insta @impact.rusty to learn more about Precision Rifle.

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