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What the FAQ? What's the difference between Pomade & Matte Clay



What’s the difference between Pomade and Matte Clay? 

There are many variables to consider when you are choosing which hair product to use in your hair. What look are you going for? Is your hair long and straight or short and curly? Do I want the classic wet/shine look or a natural matte look? Choosing the right product for the right effect is super important.

 Traditional Pomade

 Traditional pomades are the OG of hair products and have been used since the dawn of time. They are usually oil based with mainstream pomade products using petroleum in them to give the hold. These have become less popular over recent years due to them being extremely hard to get out of your hair and leaving stains on pillows and hard to wipe off your hands. More modern pomades such as our Traditional Pomade are made from natural ingredients making them more sustainable and easier to wash out of your hair but still giving you the performance of the OG petroleum products.



Traditional pomades usually have a medium to high hold and have a semi to high sheen look when applied. They are mainly used for classic hair styles like executive parts, slick backs, and pompadours. Due to the strong hold, they will keep your hair in place all day long and add a touch of class giving you that polished look.


Matte Clays

Matte finishes and natural looks are in and have been trending for the last few years. Matte Clays are usually made with ingredients including real clays to help add grit and hold along with waxes giving you a medium to strong hold with a matte finish. You can style all the classic looks when styling your hair, however they really come into their own for messy crops or executive parts and make your look more natural and casual. They are also great at adding texture to the hair. To go one step further, when combined with a Hair Styling powder, you can add great volume to your hair!


Choosing the right one.

It really comes down to your personal style or the occasion you're styling your hair for. The matte, natural look is the most popular trend now and out of pomade and matte clay, Matte Clay is probably the most versatile of the two whether you’re at the office or out and about on the town.

You can find out more about our Traditional Pomade or Matte Clay on our website.

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