The Bearded Chap 100% Natural, Australian Made & Aluminium Free Deodorant. The core function of Aluminium (Aluminium chloralhydrate, aluminium zirconium tetracholorohydrex gly) in antiperspirants is to act as a plug in the sweat glands to stop the flow of sweat. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and just like everything you put on your skin, these compounds are absorbed into the body. Free your underarms from nasties while still smelling super fresh from morning to night with the Chap deodorant range.
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Classic Spice Deodorant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best men's deodorant?

The best men’s deodorant will:

  • Smell great.
  • Not irritate your skin.
  • Mask any unavoidable natural odors.
  • Nourish and hydrate your skin.
  • Use natural ingredients.

How much deodorant should a man use?

For most men, only two or three swipes of roll on is required. This is enough to keep you smelling good without it becoming overpowering. Much of this depends on you, and if you feel more is required then that’s up to you. You know your body best, after all.

What is the best men's deodorant for odor?

The best men’s deodorant for odor should:

  • Cover any natural smells.
  • And leave you smelling great.
  • Nourish your skin.
  • Complement your other products.
  • Offer long lasting protection from odor.
  • Be made from natural ingredients.
  • Not be too overpowering.

What is the healthiest deodorant?

The healthiest deodorant should:

  • Be made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Be aluminium free.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Not contain any irritants which can cause dryness and itching.
  • Contain oils which neutralize odor.
  • Keep you smelling fantastic!

Where should I apply deodorant?

You should apply deodorant anywhere you sweat. Many people just apply to their armpits, but if you have any other areas that sweat, for example your back or the back of your knees, there is no harm in applying deodorant here too.

Should I put on deodorant after a shower?

Yes, you should apply deodorant after a shower. It is important to apply deodorant when you are clean, and dry, for obvious reasons. Deodorant should not be used to mask the fact you haven’t washed: it is likely you will still smell bad.

Should I wear natural deodorant to bed?

You can wear natural deodorant to bed, as it is unlikely to contain any irritants which will inflame or dry out your skin. Deodorants with natural ingredients are designed not just to mask odors, but nourish and hydrate your skin too.

What deodorant smells the best for guys?

Which deodorant smells best for guys depends on the guy in question! We all have different tastes, and certain smells work better for different people. A deodorant with natural ingredients will often have a more natural and less synthetic smell, if this is your preference.
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