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Tired of trying to make precision snips with your kitchen scissors huh? We get it. Grab yourself a pair of ultra sharp, perfectly machined beard scissors from Germany's legendary Dovo Solingen. These moustache scissors will outlive you if cared for correctly, so ahh - take care of yourself, and your moustache, and give these bad boys a run for their money. Read more

Dovo Moustache & Beard Scissors: Stainless Steel

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Dovo Moustache Scissors: Nickel Chrome

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trim my beard and moustache with scissors?

Yes, you can! A dedicated beard moustache scissors will allow you to trim your beard accurately and easily.

When do you need beard moustache scissors to trim your beard?

Facial hair scissors are helpful when you're growing out your beard and don't want to lose length, as well as for post-trimmer touch-ups. A pair of scissors helps to remove stray beard hairs and split ends, while beard trimmers are great for those trimming their beard length. These scissors also double as nose hair scissors and are an essential part of your beard trim routine.

What's the difference between beard moustache scissors and normal scissors? Do I need special beard shears for beard hair?

A high quality beard and mustache scissors from a brand like Dovo will remain sharp and last a lifetime if they are taken care of. These specialised scissors are often made of stainless steel, carbon steel or Japanese steel, have a quality cutting edge and specially designed finger rest and finger holes in order to maximise comfort while trimming.

How do you trim a moustache with scissors?

Here's how to trim your moustache:
  1. First, decide what type of moustache style you're going for.
  2. Trim along your top lip while using the upper lip line as a guide.
  3. Cut off small sections at a time.
  4. Once you're done, use moustache wax for styling.
Looking for more details? Make sure you check out our post on how to trim and shape a beard.

What are the best beard trimming scissors?

The best beard scissors will:
  • Be of top quality steel
  • Allow you to make precision cuts
  • Be comfortable to use 
  • Have a sharp razor edge that does not dull easily 
  • Enable you to make precision cuts
  • Last a lifetime
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