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Beard care goes beyond a simple trim when your face starts to resemble an old dish brush. Yes, it's high time you incorporate a good beard oil into your beard grooming regime, and no better place to start than with The Bearded Chap's famous beard oils. Australian made from all natural ingredients and essential oils such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and more, there is a reason we're the conditioning beard oil Australia (and the world) loves to use! With our most popular original beard oil with citrus scent and other limited edition scents, you're sure to find the perfect oil for that epic beard you're growing. Read more

Christmas Edition Candy Cane Beard Oil 30ml

Rated 4.9 stars
11 Reviews

Tobacco & Vanilla Beard Oil

Rated 4.9 stars
7 Reviews
From €28,95

Gin & Tonic Beard Oil

Rated 4.9 stars
29 Reviews
From €28,95

Original Beard Oil

Rated 4.8 stars
138 Reviews
From €28,95

Beard Oil Bundle

Rated 4.5 stars
2 Reviews

Beard Oil 3-Pack

Rated 4.7 stars
3 Reviews
From €77,95

Limited Edition Pineapple Express Beard Oil

Rated 4.9 stars
18 Reviews

Victor Bravo x The Bearded Chap Beer'd Oil

Rated 4.0 stars
1 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Beard Oil?

You should be using beard oil to moisturize your beard, and the skin underneath. This will keep your beard soft, the skin underneath healthy, and your beard looking great. Beard oils will also have the added effect of making you smell great too. 

Find out more with our Beard Oil Guide.

What is the best beard oil?

The best beard oils will:

  • Soften your beard.
  • Moisturize your beard hairs.
  • Moisturize the skin below.
  • Use 100% natural nourishing ingredients.
  • Keep your beard looking and smelling great.
Find out more about the best oils for your beard with our Beard Oil Guide.

What is better beard oil or balm?

Deciding whether beard oil or beard balm is better is tricky. Both offer different things. Beard oils will help moisturize and soften, and beard balm will help you to style and protect your beard.

Read our Guide To Beard Oil And Beard Balm to learn about all the different benefits.

Should I use Beard Oil everyday?

You should use beard oil every day if it works for you. Most people will use it daily, but others will use it once every two to three days. Some people recommended using twice daily. It depends on you. If you’re trying to soften your beard and use it as a beard softener, you might use it twice a day at first. 

Learn all about using beard oils every day with our How To Use Beard Oil Guide.

How long does it take for Beard Oil to work?

How long it will take beard oil to work depends on the nature of your facial hair, but most people will see softening effects within two weeks. Your beard will smell and look better almost immediately, however.

Our nourishing beard grooming oil uses natural oils to hydrate your beard and skin beneath. Dry skin and beard dandruff can be easily avoided when you use dedicated grooming products for beards to moisturise your skin and beard. 

You can learn all about what beard hair oil does and how it works with our Beard Oil Guide.

How often should you apply Beard Oil?

How often you should use beard oil will depend, but most people will be using beard oil at least once a day to keep their beards well groomed. Some people use it twice daily, morning and night, especially if they have a rough beard. If your beard appears greasy though, you should use less grooming product while applying. We do recommend that beard wearers apply beard oil regularly as part of their grooming routine for beard growth. It absorbs quickly and contributes to beard health, not to mention helping to prevent the dreaded beard itch.

Our How To Apply Beard Oil Guide has lots of good information to help you decide.

How much beard oil should I use?

Use 3-4 drops of beard oils, possibly more or less depending on your beard length and thickness. A little goes a long way. If your beard appears greasy then use less, but if your beard feels dry, you might want to apply more often. It really depends on you and the nature of your facial hair. 

No matter how your beard is, our How To Apply Beard Oil Guide should help.

How do you use Beard Oil for beginners?

For beginners, learning how to apply is simple. Apply 3-4 drops to your beard after washing, once you have dried thoroughly. You can apply oil up to twice a day, or once every few days, depending on your beard.

Learn more with our guide on How To Apply Beard Oil.
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