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How To Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm

There are a million different beard oils out on the market and not all are equal. Natural beard oil in our opinion are the best as the last thing you want to do is apply chemicals to your face and mouth. We recommend our Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil. This was the very first beard oil in the Australian market and one of the first in the world.

What Do Beard Oils Do?

beard oil barber

It's all well and good recommending you beard oils, but first you need to know what they do. You might not even be sure if beard oils actually work, or not convinced that they're right for you. Beard oils have many benefits, so read on and we're sure we can convince you. 

Beard oils work on many levels. First, the beard itself. Beard oils moisturise and soften your beard hair, smoothing out any scraggy sections and helping keep your beard tidy. Dry beard hair looks messy and is hard to keep in check. Oils are used to keep it supple, soft and make facial hair much easier to style.

Beard oils also work on the skin beneath the beard, allowing you to keep otherwise inaccessible areas moisturised and healthy (without having to rub moisturiser into your stubble). This is just a good idea anyway, but it might also help promote growth and will help prevent the dreaded beard dandruff. See our post on what is beard oil if you need more info.

Does Beard Oil Really Work On Patchy Beards?

Many products claim to help but few actually do. Oil on beard might not sound like a recipe to help patchiness, but you might be surprised how many benefits beard oils can have for those with patches. First, think of the benefits to the skin underneath the beard. Healthy, moisturised skin is more likely to grow hair evenly. Beard oil is a great way of making sure the skin underneath your beard is properly maintained.

We also recommend using beard oil to help minimise the appearance of patchiness in your beard. Beard oil helps to soften your beard hair, allowing for more control. This means you can easily hide any patchy areas under your highly conditioned, luscious looking beard.

How Long Does It Take Beard Oil To Work?

This really depends on what effect you're looking for. The initial benefits of beard oil are almost instantaneous: your beard will be softer, easier to manage, look healthier, smoother and more controlled, and smell great in seconds. Few products can claim such quick gains!

The secondary, longer term benefits, like improved growth, and softer healthier skin, may take a few weeks to emerge. Like nearly everything about beard growing, patience is a virtue, so hang in there. Good things come to those who wait.

What Are The Benefits Of Beard Balm?

Protects Your Skin and Prevents Dandruff

The skin beneath your beard is important, and even more so if you care about the health of your beard. Using a balm for beard maintenance is a great way of keeping your skin healthy too.

Stack of Beard Balm

The reason for this is that, alongside natural moisturisers like shea butter, balms contain wax, which coats your facial hair and your face, locking in moisture and preventing the flaking caused by dry skin. This in turn helps to keep your beard free of dandruff, which I think we can all agree is a big plus.

Protects your beard from the elements

Just like the hair on our head, our beards are affected by the climate, pollution and weather conditions. Very hot or cold weather can leave beards dry and brittle, and pollution can damage our facial hair too. Of course, washing regularly is a must, but you can also use balm to provide a protective barrier between your whiskers and the elements.

Prevents Beard Itch

Anyone who's grown a beard, or been near anyone growing a beard, knows about beard itch. At between 2-4 weeks of growth (although this figure can vary wildly from man to man) the itching can become unbearable, which is why so many people give up at this stage.

However, by using balm as well as oil, to protect your complexion and soften your beard, you can alleviate much of the itching, allowing your beard to mature through it's 'awkward stage' until it's fully grown. Oil will help soothe the itch, and the balm will lock it in so you have day-long relief.

Beard Balm Adds Volume and Makes Styling Easier

For those with thin beards or fine facial hair, oiling beard hair can flatten the appearance, meaning you lose volume and definition. We recommend you try beard balm for styling, which actually boosts your beards volume, allowing you to achieve a much fuller looking beard.

Does Beard Balm Help Beard Grow?

Healthy skin is more likely to grow healthy hair, so anything that aids this is undoubtedly a good thing for beard growth. Balm helps lock moisture in, so along with oil and regular washing, can definitely aid you in your pursuit of a fuller, thicker beard.

Do You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm Together?

a man using beard oil

Many people use oil and beard balm together, as the balm magnifies the benefits of the oil. So it makes sense, in terms of the health of your beard and dermatological health. However, they both have their strengths and weaknesses, so there are certain situations where you might be better using one or the other, rather than both.

In terms of your beard care regime however, we would definitely recommend using both on the regs, and alternating when the need arises.

What Is Better, Beard Oil Or Balm?

Time To Shine

If you’re looking for a more natural-looking, matte finish, balm is best: but oil will provide more gloss and sheen, so maybe a better choice for date night.

For Your Beard's Health

Use beard oil for your beard and skins health, daily with or without balm. Using balm daily too will help lock in the moisture and boost the benefits.

Balm For Styling And Bigger Beards

If you want your beard to do something it doesn’t do naturally, balm will provide you with a greater degree of control, allowing you to achieve styles you might not be able to lock in place with oil alone.

If you’re already at an advanced stage in your beard journey, balm is the only way to reign it in and tame the mountain man in you. You may find our guide on beard care products helpful.

What Goes First, Beard Oil Or Balm?

If you plan to use oil and balm together, then always go with oil first. Allow a few minutes for the oil to soak into the beard before you apply the balm.

How Much Beard Oil Should I Use?

Can you use too much beard oil? Sadly, yes you can. Well, everything's a matter of taste, but you don't want your beard to look greasy. Most people are surprised by how little oil you actually need. Even for a full mane, you never want more than a few drops, rubbed thoroughly between your palms and then smoothed through your beard. 3-4 will do most beards, but larger specimens may require a little more.

Should I Use Beard Oil Everyday?

For the healthiest feel and look, you should definitely use this wonder product every day during your beard grooming routine. Your beard will be softer and easier to manage. 

How Do You Use Beard Balm?

Learn the best way to apply your beard balm to your beard so you can get the best out of your product and keep your beard looking like a gent. We cover the basics of what beard balm does and each step in the application process.

How to use beard balm

  1. Scrape a thumbnail worth of Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm and place onto your hand. If you have a larger beard, you might need a few scrapes of beard balm, but we recommend starting with a smaller amount and building up as required.
  2. Place beard balm into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. The beard balm will melt down almost instantly into oil form ready for you to apply to your beard.
  3. Apply beard balm to your beard in a downward stroking motion, styling down. You want to apply beard balm topographically as you don't want it to go onto your skin as sometimes you can get blocked pores from the waxes. You can comb through the beard balm with a comb or brush to get your desired style.
  4. Use beard balm every single day as a part of your grooming routine as it will help protect, style and condition your beard.

How Do You Use Beard Oil?

You've bought this amazing beard oil with your hard earned money, so what now? Below is a how to video that explains how to apply beard oil to your beard. If you follow this method of applying beard oil every day, you will be well on your way to a great looking and healthy beard.

How to use beard oil

  1. Buy a quality beard oil. Check out our Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil made from natural ingredients.
  2. Depending on the size of your beard, place 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand. For larger beards use more, for shorter beards use less. Rub the beard oil to get an even coating across your hands. You should not have oil dripping off your hands. if you do, you have used too much.
  3. Start working the beard oil up through the beard and into the skin under your beard. Beard oil acts as an intensive moisturiser for your face and beard so it's very important to reach your skin and not just to apply to the top of your beard.
  4. Work it in until you've given even coverage across your entire beard and moustache. If you need to apply more, do so. The beard oil will stop beardruff and dead skin, while softening down your beard hairs and maintaining their health.
  5. Once you have rubbed in the beard oil, you can then start to style your beard by combing or with a good quality beard brush.

What's The Difference Between Beard Oil And Beard Balm?

Although they have similar functions, they also complement each other perfectly. Beard oil moisturises, adds sheen to your facial hair, and also makes it a lot easier to control and style. Beard balm takes this to the next level: also providing moisturising and soothing properties, but also adding a layer of protection which keeps your beard safe day long.

Balm is nearly a solid and needs to be worked between the palms before application to soften and distribute throughout the beard. Read our article on the difference between beard oil and balm for more details!

How Often Should You Use Beard Balm?

How often you should use beard balm depends on you, your individual needs and of course, your beard. Although we recommend you use it daily, for some balm is used less, and for some only when they need to achieve a particular look.

By using both and seeing how you feel, how your beard feels and looks, and monitoring your skin's health, you will work out the best balance for you, and your look.

What Is The Best Beard Oil And Balm?

You might be wondering what the best selling beard oil and balm is, but you should be wondering which is the best. Although we are biased, you don't have to listen to us: the people have voted, and we're not only Australia's first all natural beard oil and balm brand, we're the favourite. So why not check out our range of beard products today and find out if an oil and balm regime can take your beard up to the next level.

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