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Our Team

Who are we?

The Bearded Chap team are ordinary people, just like you, who share one common goal - to help good men, feel great and in doing so, support those great men to go out and make an impact in their community.


We are a family here, at The Bearded Chap and love what we do. Whether we are innovating, creating or slaying our competition - we are always discovering new ways to help our customers feel, look and smell great for whatever the day may through their way.  

Meet the team...

Luke Swenson - CEO & Founder of The Bearded Chap - Luxury Men's grooming products
Luke Swenson
CEO & Founder 
Robert Sassie-Jappie - Cosmetic Chemist at The Bearded Chap.
Robert  Sasse-Jappie
Cosmetic Chemist
Nathan Plant - Production Crew at The Bearded Chap
Nathan Plant
Production Crew
Ross Carnegie - Warehouse Crew at The Bearded Chap
Ross Carnegie
Warehouse Crew
Mo Yousif - Production Crew at The Bearded Chap
Mo Yousif
Production Crew
Ryan Kovchenko - Videographer at The Bearded Chap
Ryan Kovchenko



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