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We’re conscious of how our products and business interacts with the environment we live in; so we’ve tried to ensure that everything we make can be recycled, used for something else useful or is biodegradable. With this in mind, we created a program called GreenBeards, to do our part in helping to create a positive impact on the planet.

Our Products

We’re always trying to ensure all of our products are eco-friendly and make you and your beard look and feel great. All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Our beard soaps and beard washes are made from saponified oils and natural exfoliates, such as seaweed replacing plastic micro beads that a lot of wash products use. So no nasty chemicals on you, your beard or going down the drain. You get what you pay for, so we don’t “water down” our products by diluting them with water and also allows us not to add any preservatives. 


 We don’t just stop at making GreenBeard products, we also think about how we can use eco-friendly packaging whenever we can.   We encourage our customers to reuse our packing if they can find a use for it.

 We like to keep our packaging pretty simple and classic so that our customer’s money is not wasted on unnecessary packing but instead, focused on producing the highest quality products and value for money.

 All of our beard kits come in 100% recycled brown cardboard gift boxes. Instead of wasting money on stickers and printing, we use a traditional handmade stamp on our boxes that we can use forever.

 Our beard soaps also come in 100% recycled brown soapboxes that we have made in Australia and our beard balm comes in aluminum tins that can be recycled.

 Our Beard Wash comes in a 375ml PET flask, which is made right here in Australia. You can reuse the flask as a water bottle or to store your favorite alcohol in on your next adventure. Our beard oil bottles are exactly 30ml, which makes the perfect vessel to shot take a shot of your favourite spirit. Alternatively, if our customers want to become apart of our GreenBeards program and get a FREE GIFT, they can send back four Beard Oil bottles or Beard Wash flasks and they will receive a free Beard Soap. This ensures that our used packaging is recycled instead of thrown away and ending up as landfill and our Bearded Chaps get something cool in return! 

If you want become a GreenBeard and want to send your Beard Oil bottles or Beard Wash bottles back to us for your free Beard Soap. Click HERE and follow the process. 

 Gift Wrapping

 We love presents and know our customers do too. We’re sometimes a little bit old school and quirky with our wrapping which ads to the amazing experience when opening up a gift wrapped present from The Bearded Chap®. We use recycled newspapers to wrap all our gifts. Not only we creating a new use for a throwaway item, but it means each gift is unique and you can also catch up on the news after opening your gift!


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