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What The FAQ! What products should I use for my hair? 

There are millions of hair products on the market, but how do you know which one is right for your hair and style?

The products you use in your hair depends on the style you want to go for. From there, we can figure out what products you need to use to get the desired result, and if you can't figure out what style you want. Here are the top 5 men's haircuts for August 2022. 

1. Short textured crop with a high fade

The textured crop, or otherwise known as the French Crop. A crop fade is based off the ancient haircut that Caesar wore when ruling the Roman Empire. The modern day version features the hair brushed forward, with neat and well-shaved side. This hair cut provides a textured look with a clean edge and works well with most types of hair, including curly! It is also a great choice if you're starting to thin a little on top! The best hair products to use for a textured crop are Sea Salt Sprays or Texture Sprays, Hair Styling Powders or a light hair cream like our Natural Matte Cream. These products add texture and structure to your hair and give you a matte finish, giving you that natural look. 

the bearded chap top 5 classic hair cuts -  forward crop with high fade and tapered beard


2. The modern slick back

A simple yet timeless hairstyle. For this look, the best product to use is a Traditional Pomade for a decent hold with a glossy touch. Comb the hair back repetitively and thoroughly until is sitting tight and has an impressive slick look that this style is renowned for. Be mindful of water based gel products that are too rigid as they will make the hair look flat and feel hard. These products feel uncomfortable and tend to lose shape when the come in contact with water/rain, losing that slick look that you worked so hard to get before leaving the house. Opt for a product that will give your locks a thicker appearance despite its pulled-back structure like our natural Traditional Pomade.
The Bearded Chap Top 5 classic haircuts - Modern Slick Back

3. Traditional side part

As its per the name, the side part haircut is based on a side part and has been a super popular hairstyle over the last century. It may sound simple, but it is a little more complex, then just wacking a comb in and throwing a part down the side! The top and sides are cut in a traditional fashion to give the side part haircut its all-around timeless look. The result is a short, neat style, perfect for any occasion and can really set off a look in a suit or more formal occasions. You'll want to have a little more length to your hair to pull this off like a boss. The side part works best with thicker hair, and is usually styled with a semi sheen or high sheen hair product like our Traditional Pomade or high shine gel. Like the comb over and other short cuts, it best suits square and oval face shapes.

the bearded chap classic side part - top 5 men's hair styles for 2022

4. Short and textured quiff

The short textured quiff is a haircut that trended hard during 2018 and has become a staple for men since then. It essentially builds on most short back and side hair cuts and adds a longer length on top. A short, textured quiff haircut is all about being heavily textured all over giving a messier, carefree  look to the hair which is easy to style for those of you who don't have the time to spend styling their hair in the morning. It is typically longer at the front and is blended in to either a medium to low fade. The best hairstyling products to use on this hairstyle are your Sea Salt Texture Sprays and hair styling powders which give you texture and volume. Used together as a combination, you hair will be looking on point, whatever your day throws at you. It is also a cut that is easy to restyle after you've hit the gym or had a quick nap - no more bed hair!

the bearded chap top 5 men's hairstyles for 2022


5. Faux Hawk.

    A modern day variation of the traditional mohawk, the Faux Hawk is a little less intimidating but still gives off those punk grunge vibes. This eye-catching hairstyle draws attention without appearing over-the-top. If you’re after a style that will allow you to play up the punk on the weekend and keep things professional during the week, a faux hawk is for you. Unlike the shaved sides found on a traditional mohawk, a faux hawk look is softer and blends into the hawk with more length on the sides. You can still style up into a hardcore hawk or to add some sophistication, use hair products like a Sea Salt Texture Spray or Hair Styling Powder to add texture and volume. Matte Clays also work well with this styling and is easy to style with either a comb or the easiest option is to use your fingers. 


    the bearded chap Faux Hawk hair style.

    So chop chop. Off to the barber. Now that you have the style that you want. You can figure out what kind of hair products you should use. Now we have five hair styling products in our range. Sea Salt Texture Spray, Hair Styling Powder, Natural Matte Cream, Australian Matte Clay and Traditional Pomade. Now, this does seem pretty daunting at first, but this blog will help break down what kind of products you should use and how you should use them.

    First off, we got our Natural Matte Cream. Are you looking for a textured hair style like a faux hawk and modern quiff or textured crop? That is when a natural matte cream comes in. This product will give you a natural matte finish and a stronghold. It also has a light and creamy texture making it super easy to use. Just grab a lick on your finger Rub it in your hands and apply it through your hair. You can then style it into that awesome faux hawk or give it a bit of texture. It also smells like a caramel vanilla thick shake, so please don't drink it!

    Second one is our Sea Salt Texture Spray. You know when you go to the beach and get out of the water and it has a nice, crunchy feel to it? This product is designed to mimic that look and feel while it's giving your hair that little bit of texture and a nice matte finish that is perfect to lock in and really define some curls. Whilst also adding that good amount of texture and grit. 

    For your classic hairstyles like pompadour, slick backs, and even your greaser looks. Our traditional pomade will give you that semi-sheen look you're after. Now, this is an oil based pomade, meaning you get that really slick look, but it's also water soluble. So you can actually get it out of your hair at the end of the day. It also has an incredible cinnamon and Vanilla scent profile, which is one of the few scent profiles that make you stay alert but also relaxed, helping you perform at the most stressful parts of your day.

    For a Matte finish. Try out our Matte Clay. This has a much heavier look and feel to it, making it perfect to modernize those classic looks like a slicked back or a pompadour. It's made out of ethically sourced ingredients. It's also oil based and water soluble, meaning you get all the benefits of having a natural oil based product while also being able to wash it out at the end of the day with just some warm water.

    Finally, The Bearded Chap hair styling powder, This bad boy adds a ton of volume to your hair. It also includes arrowroot powder, which absorbs all the excess oils in your hair, acting as a dry hair shampoo so your hair can feel soft and smooth all day long. This is perfect to throw on your hair before a night out or even throw it in a gym bag to restyle your hair throughout the day.

    There you have it. That's our whole range of hair styling products. Hopefully this has helped you pick out the right product for you and maybe give you some ideas as well. If you’d like to check out our range of natural hair styling products click HERE

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