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How To Use Men's Hair Styling Powder

You've heard of hairspray, gel and mousse, but can you seriously add extra oomph to your hair with powder? You bet! Hair powder is, in our humble opinion, one of the most underrated and versatile men's hair products. Hair powder for men is also one of our favorite ways to add extra lift and instant volume to thin hair. Of course, that doesn't mean you chaps out there with medium hair or luscious locks can't benefit either.

In this post, we'll cover how hair powder works, how to use hair powder and some styling pointers on creating greater volume and texture with your product.

Man styling his hair

Is Men's Styling Powder Good?

For starters, hair powder for men is easy to use and works on all hair types. It's a great product to incorporate into your styling routine and easy to use.

Texture powder has a light hold and matte finish. Not exactly sure what that means? No sweat. We cover all the terminology you need to know in our official guide to men's hair products. Check that out if you want to learn some of the lingo.

There are many different hair powders out there, including the Bearded Chap's very own Hair Styling Powder. Our texture powder is made from 100-percent natural Australian ingredients, has a subtle but unmistakable vanilla & tobacco scent and even absorbs excess oil to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Not bad, right?

When you're choosing hair powders, it's important to define your needs. If you have fine hair, then you'll likely want a volumizing powder with instant lift that boosts texture and has a medium to strong hold. If you have oily hair or thick hair, then a mattifying powder will build up volume and texture while also absorbing excess oil and giving you a nice, natural look.

Is Men's Styling Powder Bad for You?

You might have heard that baby powder is bad for you and wonder if that extends to men who use hair powder. Does hair powder work, anyway? Different brands have their own ingredients, so you should always read the labels and check the ingredients. Any hair powders with talcum powder in it probably is a no-go, but if you choose a brand that uses natural ingredients (ahem, like yours truly), then you have nothing to worry about.

Choosing earthy, plant-based hair powders is also good because they are cruelty free and deliver the best hair results as well as nourish your hair with vitamins and minerals. Chemical-based products are bad on the environment and can lead to dry hair and damaged follicles, especially for color treated hair.

Man after applying hair powder

In addition to choosing the best hair powder, you should also develop a fantastic hair routine. Hair powders should only be used in conjunction with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. A hair powder alone can't provide the best results; good texture, volume and shine come from keeping your hair as healthy as possible.

How Do You Use Men's Styling Powder?

We've put together a helpful video that walks you through the steps of using hair powder for men. We've also shared the steps below and discussed the science behind it to provide you with everything you need to know.

Here's how to use hair styling powder for men:

  1. Apply to dry hair.
  2. Use a small amount of powder while styling.
  3. Use on your roots for lift.
  4. Scrunch your hair to add volume.

Take a look at this video if you'd like to see a demonstration of how to apply texture powder for men:


And now, on to the science behind the steps!

Step 1: Apply to Dry Hair

While some products work best on damp hair, you'll want to have your hair completely dry before you use powder. If your hair is wet when you use it, you'll likely wind up with white residue or even stickiness that no one wants to deal with.

Step 2: Use a Small Amount While Styling

Shake a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand, then begin working it into your hair using your fingers. Move in the direction you want your hair to hold, increasing friction to create greater hold. You'll get volume and texture all-in-one, and it's easy to touch up if you're on the go and just want to give your hair a pick-me-up.

Add more powder if you feel you need more. We always suggest starting with a little at first because it's easier to build up product than wash it away. Too much styling product also requires more frequent washing, which you want to avoid for maximum hair health and that coveted second day hair texture.

man styling with hair powder

Step 3: Use on Your Roots for Lift

If you have thin and fine hair, then you'll want to use height in your hairstyle to emphasize fullness. For men with medium to long hair, you can create different hairstyles by using hair powder on your roots to shift the way your hair falls. If you have a part, then applying texture powder with your fingers to the roots will give you greater control over the direction your hair falls and your overall style.

Using hair powder products on the roots is also great for absorbing oil. Our product contains arrowroot powder, which naturally removes sebum gathered on your scalp to prevent oily hair and give you a smooth, matte finish.

Step 4: Scrunch the Hair Once Applied to Add Volume

If you want to add extra volume, you can scrunch your hair once and run a blow dryer over it for the best hold. If you have fine hair, then powder is an easy way to increase volume throughout the day even with longer hair. Pop into the bathroom and touch up, or apply some in your car. The great thing about hair powder is that its light hold makes it re workable at any time.

Man with stylish hair

Volumizing powder can be a good way to style thin hair without having to always keep a short cut; you may enjoy a longer look but naturally not have the hair volume needed to pull it off. With the right powder and a good hair care routine, you'll be able to transform how you style your hair everyday.

Additional Tips to Consider

You might like the natural effect of hair powder but need a little more support. For extreme hold, you can use hair powder along with a bit of hairspray or pomade. Adding a second layer of powder after you're done styling will add texture to your final look, but you should only use it sparingly at first to strike the right balance between styled and effortlessly cool.

If you enjoyed this piece, check out the Bearded Chap's Men's Hair Care Guide and find the perfect hair routine for you.

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