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How To Use Moustache and Beard Wax: A Beginner's Guide

One thing about lockdown, it's given you the perfect opportunity to try out a new look. Maybe meetings face-to-face have required you thus far to be clean-shaven but with many of you only attending Zoom meetings, the rules have been relaxed. Now it's nearly time to return to the work place and having suffered that awkward, itchy, in-between phase, you're actually way proud of your new facial hair. Time to tidy it up and make it workplace-suitable.

men with moustache

That's where applying moustache wax comes in to play. Whether you're looking for perfect hold or simply running a comb through the glossiest of beards and moustaches, this article will leave you in no doubt that up until now, without waxes, your whiskers remain in the minor league. A true gentleman really understands something fundamental; how to look after his facial hair and get results.

What's The Purpose Of Moustache Wax?

 A moustache wax is the perfect product for you; warmed between finger and thumb and applied, it moisturises the hair and keeps it soft. So your 'stache not only looks and feels great, it also trains it to keep out of your mouth and stay in place.

There will be no complaints when kissing your loved ones about your moustache feeling rough and bristly. And with the wax keeping the hairs out of your mouth, there will be no awkward 'Oh, I'm saving that bit for later' food moments when you take a mouthful of your food.

moustache wax in a tray

Now, if you're looking to up the ante on your moustache shape; maybe you're ready for the handlebar look or the full-on Salvador Dali, and have been patient enough to grow it long enough (and only the most dedicated amongst you will stay the course), then the extra hold provided by our Bearded Chap wax gives you the control you need but is gentle enough for everyday use.

Combine our Old Time Moustache Wax with a delicious beard oil, rich in conditioners to complete the styling process and whether face-to-face or Zoom, you'll look and feel like a million dollars!

Can You Use Hair Wax On Your Moustache?

Ok, you've probably got at least one dried up hair wax at the back of your bathroom cupboard which you've already tried on your moustache hair. And hey, it probably gave you some idea of the style and control you could achieve, but you are not doing your whiskers any favours.

As a rule of thumb, the hair on your head does not come into contact with as many foreign bodies as your moustache; once you apply the wax, maybe you occasionally run your hand through your hair; it's certainly damaged by pollution. Whereas moustaches come into contact with a lot of things throughout the day that can leave them looking unkempt.

man with moustache talking on the phone

Eating, drinking and even chatting can seriously ruffle the hairs of your upper lip which you smoothed into shape so lovingly this morning. The way you inevitably subconsciously run your index finger over your facial hair, to check it's still in shape, will also remove ordinary wax for hair.

Therefore the formula has to be that much more robust to withstand this.

Finally, hair products contain chemicals which should only come in to minimal contact with your skin, not to mention their potential toxicity and nasty taste when you inadvertently imbibe them whilst eating or drinking. Our Bearded Chap Old Time Moustache Wax is made from 100% natural ingredients like essential oils and its Caribbean bay rum scent, with hints of clove and warming cinnamon giving you day-long style and fragrant conditioning.

When Should You Start Using A Moustache Wax?

Many men new to the art of growing facial hair ask how to use moustache wax and when exactly to start. A full moustache is a challenging endeavour of both mind and matter. Along the growth journey of your moustache, don't be tempted to throw in the towel (literally!) and shave it all off in a fit of pique; it's too itchy, it's too patchy, it looks scruffy. Embrace each stage. It won't last long. You will reap the rewards of your hot new look. If you use the proper methods and tools to achieve perfection, you will get you though those difficult times.

moustache wax falling

So the answer is, use moustache waxes and beard oil in your beard grooming routine right from the get-go. Keeping your skin healthy is the foundation of a healthy moustache. As your facial hair lengthens and thickens, your usual daily moisturiser won't be able to penetrate down to the skin. Besides, browsing the net and putting these items in your online shopping cart will take your mind off the itching! Joking!

How To Use And Apply Moustache Wax

Always start with a clean, dry moustache, and for best results, the wax should be at room temperature.

  1. Warming the wax. Keeping it in your pocket whilst you're going through your morning routine, running the closed tin under hot water or warming the wax's surface in an open tin with a hair dryer will all soften your wax's oils, until malleable enough to apply.
  2. To avoid unwanted wax under your thumb or finger nail, using the back of your thumbnail, carve yourself a rice grain-sized amount of wax.
  3. Transfer the wax to the index finger tips of both hands.
  4. Rub the wax between index finger and thumb until it's soft and pliable; without question, the most important step!man with moustache opening a jar of moustache wax
  5. Now the wax application. Wax your moustache starting at the middle and moving to the tips. A moustache comb can also ensure the even distribution of wax along the hairs.
  6. Carve out more wax, repeat the above steps and thanks to these steps, your moustache will soon be waxed or styled as desired.
  7. If you are sporting a beard, waxes should be applied at this point. More warming required, but then instead of softening it with your fingers, apply to the palms of your hands, rub together till soft, and smooth over the hairs in a downwards motion, working the wax into your skin too.

Prefer a video demonstration? Here's how to apply our Old Time Moustache Wax:

Why Is Moustache Wax So Hard?

Mo wax bases are generally made from either a Vaseline/oil based wax base or traditional style, which is made of natural plant wax or bee wax. Vaseline based Mo waxes generally have very low hold or styling properties and can sometimes leave your staché feeling oily with a “cluggly” look. They are generally made up of fully synthetic ingredients and are easy to scoop from the jar, (just like your standard hair gel) and have a greasy feel to them. They are easy to apply and wash out but you'll find it a lot harder to achieve the desired style and hold.

Traditional Mo wax is made from natural plant wax or beeswax. It is a more traditional way to make mo wax and usually only contains natural ingredients such as beeswax, base oils such as olive or grape seed oil and lanolin along with essential oils to add a range of scents and can come in hold strengths, ranging from soft-medium for that natural look, all the way to a super strong hold if you want to be creative and create those impeccable staché curls. Traditional products also are fairly easy to wash out when using warm soapy water and have a more natural look and generally a tacky feel.

stylish man with moustache

How Do You Get Your Moustache Wax Out Of The Jar?

One of the most frequently asked topics with traditional beeswax types is, “It’s so hard I can’t get it out of the jar to use”.

For the last 80 years, the standard hair and grooming products have been mass produced in factories and were made from Vaseline based ingredients. These are soft, gel like to touch and feel and are very easy to scoop out with the soft part of your finger. Because of this, normal consumer expectations are that every grooming product should be soft to touch and in a gel like form.

Traditional beeswax products have been used for hundreds of years and are generally quite hard to the touch (especially in colder areas). They require a different technique to getting it from the jar because of this. Instead of scooping with the soft part of your index finger like most people would, the best way to get the required amount of product for your moustache is to scrape your thumbnail or index fingernail across the top of the product.

smiling man holding a moustache wax

The wax should curl up and gather on your nail as you scrape it along the surface. Once you have the desired amount on your fingernail, you’ll need to warm it up to make it malleable so it is easy to apply to your stache. We generally find the best technique for warming the Mo wax is to wipe it off your fingernail onto your index and rub both index fingers together vigorously until the wax has melted (generally into a white or clear paste).

Once this has occurred, you can then apply the wax by rubbing the wax in a downward fashion, starting from the centre of your lip and working your way to the outside of the Mo.

How To Warm Your Moustache Wax

If you want to make your traditional beeswax moustache wax easier to use straight off the bat, especially in winter, keep the container in your jacket pocket or trouser pocket. Your body heat will warm up the bee wax making it much easier to scrape on your fingernail and apply. Our Old Time Moustache Wax is poured into a glass jar that allows heat to pass into the wax easily to help with this process.

Top Moustache Waxing Mistakes Made By Beginners

Mistake number one is fiddling with your facial hair too soon. DO NOT put scissors or a razor anywhere near your newly grown facial hair for at least the first month. Wash it, comb it and wax it, of course. But snipping and plucking away at stray hairs, or cleaning up the hairline usually means YOU'LL BE STARTING FROM SCRATCH!!

Be gentle with your hairs. It is very easy to pull them out whilst applying products too vigorously or by continually touching or re-styling. It's not just the hair on your head that gets split ends!

close-up of a bearded man

Don't style your moustache in a rush. It will always take more time than you think and if you feel under pressure, waxing your beard and moustache will become a chore. Take this time to focus on yourself. The routine should soothe you, not be frenzied.

Get familiar with your moustache wax and practice using it daily. Carry it with you at all times. As your moustache and beard develop, so will the way you use your styling products. Having that moustache wax tin in your pocket or the glove compartment means you'll be prepared for every eventuality.

Make sure you rub it in! Possibly the worst crime with men who use moustache wax is that they apply it, but they don’t rub it in enough. The result, clumps of white wax or gel, sitting on your top lip that will keep people wondering what the hell happened to you that morning. If using Vaseline based wax, a simple comb though with a beard comb should suffice in removing any excess from top lip. If using a traditional wax and you still have little wax chunks on your face, you may not have melted down the beeswax enough for the small chunks of wax to work their way in.

Try rubbing your index fingers across your Mo to generate some more heat to melt the chunks and finish by running a beard comb through. If needed, you can hit it with a hair dryer to help melt the wax completely. This will ensure an even coverage and leave your Mo looking impeccable.

Finally, give yourself a break! If your styling doesn’t come out perfectly symmetrical or your beard isn't the full and luscious style you'd hoped, it's not the end of the world. Remember, when you look at yourself in the mirror you are scrutinizing every hair, every patch. This is not what others see when they look at you. They see a stylish, well-groomed, bearded man sporting his own unique facial hairstyle.

With this knowledge up your sleeve, you should now be able to confidently choose a moustache wax that suits the style you prefer and apply it like a boss. Also take a look at the Bearded Chap's selection of natural grooming products and keep your facial hair and skin in tip-top condition. Enjoy!

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