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What to look for when buying hand sanitiser


With everything going on right now with COVID-19 and the maze of hand sanitisers out on the market its hard to know where you should put your hard earned money. 

Some key features when looking for when buying hand sanitiser are:

  • gel or liquid 
  • price
  • where its made
  • what % of alcohol v/v it is

Gel vs liquid - Gel has been the norm in the past, however liquid has been proven to be far more effective at coverage of your hands ensuring you are actually being sanitised. Liquid also does not leave any residue on your hands making it far safer for driving and not having to wash your hands after you've just used sanitiser (which kind of defeats the purpose of using it!)

Price - Get something that is in your budget, however you do get what you pay for like all things. The more expensive options generally are made from better quality ingredients.

Where it is made - In our case, our Germ Killer is made by us at our factory in East Brisbane, Australia. Knowing where its made also gives you the confidence that its a quality product and if you have any issues, you can easily get in contact with the manufacture. 

What % of alcohol v/v is in it - This is super important, as if there is not enough, you've just wasted your hard earned money on a product that does nothing and you might as well throw it away. The World Health Organisation states that hand sanitiser must be 80% v/v for ethanol based sanitiser to be effective, with a variation allowance of 5% either side (eg 75% - 85%). 60% is the absolute bare minimum for a sanitiser to have any kind of effect on killing bacteria. The Bearded Chap Germ Killer is considered clinical grade hand sanitiser and is 80% v/v ethanol and is used in Queensland Hospitals. 

Channel 9 reviews what out there and what you should look for.

If you want to purchase our Germ Killer for your self,  click here.

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