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The Bearded Chap Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket

Last week we launched something a little different. The blending of a legendary brand known for its quality and style, Ralph Lauren, and our own. The outcome; a kick ass classic bomber jacket.  Forrest green in colour with brass hardware, corduroy collar and moleskin trim pockets. The Bearded Chap Trademark is stitched on the left chest in the subtle earth colour for a subtle look.  This bomber makes you feel like you should be hiking through the woods in Alaska or in a pilot brief on a military base. We have only released 3 of these bombers that are worth $415 each. Check out the photos from our photo shoot last week to have a close look at this fine piece of wardrobe.
To get your hands on one of these, for every Bearded Chap product you purchase you get one entry to win one of these bomber jackets! EG. buy our beard oil and beard balm = 2 entries into the draw to win one of these Bombers!
Enjoy Gentlemen...

The Bearded Chap Ralph Lauren Bomber Shoot3
The Bearded Chap Ralph Lauren Bomber Shoot4
The Bearded Chap Ralph Lauren Bomber Shoot5

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