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Natural Matte Cream; The perfect hair product for natural, voluminous & textured hairstyles.

Natural, soft, voluminous and textured hairstyles are officially in!  Matte hair products have been the most widely used and in tend hair products for about a year now, with almost every major brand on the market jumping on board. But, not all matte hair products are equal. Some are super light and are only effective on fine hair. Others are super heavy and don't give you the lift or volume you're looking for. 7 weeks ago, we dropped our game changing Natural Matte Cream hair styling product. Yes, gamechaing. It's a pretty big claim,  but it's not us making that claim, its you! Our customers and our barber, who use it and the feedback  and demand for our Natural Matte Cream has been insane since our launch of the new hair product, 7 weeks ago. 

What the hell is Natural Matte Cream?

Designed to be super easy to use, our Natural Matte Cream give you a strong hold, with a complete matte finish, while adding texture and volume to your hair. Out of all the hair products, The Bearded Chap Natural Matte Cream is one of the most versatile hair styling products across all types and styles of hair. It is great for curly, wavy hair and can create light weight choppines in short and straight hair. The Bearded Chap Natural Matte Cream also add volume and texture with our proprietary formulation, it has a super light feel to it so it doesn't weigh down the hair follicles, unlike pomades, clays and allows you to bring out the texture in your hair and will give you that perfect hold all day long. 

Natural Matte Cream? Isn't it the same as all other hair products?

Unlike pomades, matte clays and other wax and clay products, Natural matte Cream has a super light consistency which doesnt way your hair down, allowing lift and volume. It has a lower wax content than pomades or clays allowing the formula to be light, fluffy and creamy to touch and super workable through your hair. The Natural Matte Cream is also super versatile due to its easy work through, so if you have curly hair, you can use to scrunch through to really bring out those curls without making them look wet or heavy, giving you that natural curly and wavy hair styles. Like all Bearded Chap products, it's only packed with ingredients that have functionality so you know it's going to perform every time. It is also great with fine hair due to its lightweight nature, it wont leave your hair flat. Infused with coconut oil to help lock in moisture and reducing flaking of the scalp, easy to wash out and just an all round awesome hair product.

The bearded Chap Natural Matte cream perfect hair styling product for curly hair with a matte finish

How to use The Bearded Chap Natural Matte Cream?

Natural Matte Cream can be used as a stand alone product, to add volume and a texture with just one lick in your finger for that natural look. Alternatively, use 3-4 licks for those classic hairstyles  like pomps, crops and executive parts. When used on styles like these, it will leave your hair looking sharp but soft via the natural matte finish, stopping any fly aways. A super versatile hair product that offers a care free, strong hold, with textured and voluminous looks along complete matte finish. Suitable for all hair types. There are two main ways to apply and style your hair with sea salt texture spray. 

  1. Curly or wavy hair - The first way to use is to apply 1-2 licks (scoops) of Natural Matte Cream to your hair while it's wet. Scrunching your hair to give it some texture and volume if you have curly hair or scruffing with your hand if you have short/ straight hair. Allowing your hair to dry naturally. You can also pair with the sea salt texture spray in your hair to enhance the curls or waves and texture even further! Finish with a hair dryer with diffuser on until dry. 
  2. Straight hair - Looking to keep your hairstyle down all day without the flyaways? Apply 3-5 licks of Natural Matte Cream working through your entire hair, backwards and forwards until you have complete coverage. The style using your comb or brush to the desired hair style, like your pomp, executive cut ect. This bad boy is not going anywhere!   


the bearded chap natural matte cream, men's hair styling product with a matte finish and strong hold

Natural Matte Cream is perfect for all hair types. There are a variety of different hair types. These can be easily broken down into categories of texture, density and wave/curl.  Breaking it down more easily we have: 

  1. Straight hair
  2. Wavy hair
  3. Curly hair
  4. Afro hair

In The Bearded Chap Natural Matte Cream formula,  We've created a complexity that adds a special coating to the hair shafts. This special coating provides structure and support to the hair shaft allowing it to stand up on its own giving texture and volume, and depending on how much you use, it will give your hair strong structure, which allows the hair to bend less or more naturally when using less. This gives you that matte natural look, and depending if you use a lot or a little a soft natural look. Through scrunching or blow drying to add heat, locking your hair into place, this also allows the curls to lock into their natural pattern. This curl-enhancing effect tends to work best for those with types 2, 3, and 4, however you can get some good volumes for those who have type 1 (especially those loose pomps).

We still recommend you should give your hair a thorough rinse and conditioning between uses of any sea salt texture spray.

If you would like to purchase a Natural Matte Cream click HERE.

Can you use Natural Matte Cream in your in your Beard? 

It does smell amazing! But, we would suggest daily use of beard oil and beard balm to stop dryness or beardruff occuring while keep it hydrated and nourished. We've not had anyone say they have used it, but if you do! Let us know!


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