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What Is Beard Oil?

What is Beard Oil? There are many people who, when they hear the word Beard Oil, have no clue what it is or have the misconception that it is oil wrung out of a lumberjack's beard!

beard oil in a bottle

Here is a description of what beard oil is and its functions as a daily grooming product for bearded men.

Beard Oil [beerd oil];


1. A combination of base and essential oils that is blended together and applied to an adult man's facial hair/beard to moisturize the skin and beard and keep well groomed.

2. A male-orientated cosmetic that stops beardruff and the dreaded beard itch while leaving the beard with a subtle masculine scent.

If you think that this is something you or someone you know needs, the Bearded Chap is the perfect place to buy beard oil online!

Should I Buy Beard Oil?

So now you know what it is, but do beard oils actually work? the short answer is, yes, they do. And in more ways than one. Beard oil's main function is to hydrate both your facial hair, and the skin beneath. And this is important for a few reasons.

First, have you ever seen a guy with a scraggy, unkempt beard, that seems totally out of control? The chances are, that guy's been scrimping on the beard care. If your beard becomes dry, it becomes unmanageable, which unless you get it trimmed every few days, is going to result in a messy beard. Beard oil will make sure your beard is soft and controllable, and will add a slight healthy sheen too.

As important though, beard oil cares for the skin underneath your beard. This is important as it's going to be difficult to get moisturiser under there! Not without leaving most of it in your beard anyway. This will keep the skin under your facial hair healthy, and stop dry skin forming. It also contains vitamin E, which nourished the skin and hair, as do the essential oils present in good quality products. These also make your beard smell great, which is something you should care about.

Keeping the skin underneath your beard in good shape can also promote growth, which can be useful if your beard is slow or patchy. And it will help with beard itch, by preventing dry skin in the first place, and soothing irritated areas.

What makes The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil special? After months of research consulting industry experts, bearded men and  32 evolutions of The Bearded Chap Beard Oil formula, we finally came up with the perfect blend that stops that dreaded beard itch, beardruff and a subtle masculine scent that the ladies go wild over.

Our Beard Oil is:

  • Made in Australia
  • Still bottled by hand, by a bearded man/team in our beard lab.
  • Expertly blended by our Chief Beardologist
  • Made from 11 of the finest grade base & essential oils on the market.
  • 100% natural products
  • Australia's 1st Beard Oil on the market
  • A formula that absorbs easily so you don't get that oily feeling

a bottle of beard oil

Does Beard Oil Have Side Effects?

Luckily most beard oils are inoffensive: if it is made from natural ingredients, it has very few and very minor side effects. In fact, the only known side effect is that it can cause mild skin irritation in very rare cases.  The best beard oils contain only 100% natural ingredients, and no known allergens, so it's very unlikely that you will have any form of allergic reaction. Of course, we can't rule that out 100% because everyone's different, so if you have allergies or tend to react to some beard care products then we suggest you do a patch test first, just to see if your skin reacts. When it almost certainly doesn't, you're good to go! 

How Do You Use Beard Oil For Beginners?

Luckily for you, oiling your beard is just as simple as it sounds. The most common mistake is the amount of oil in beard applied, as you can easily use too much if you're not used to it. Getting the right amount of oil for the beard is simple once you know how though.

You generally only need 3-4 drops of beard oil, perhaps even less if your beard is short. For a very long beard you might want to apply a bit more, but it's best to start small and add more, as it's a lot easier than washing it all out and starting again.

man using a beard oil

Don't directly apply the oil on beard. Apply the drops to the palm of your hand and work between your palms and fingers. Then slowly work your hands and fingers through your beard, being mindful to cover every part of it. It's a good idea to continue working the oil through with a beard comb.

Our guide on How To Use Beard Oil goes into a lot more detail into how exactly to use oils to create the best beard.

Should I Wash My Face After Using Beard Oil?

No, there is no need to wash your face after using beard oil. Beard oils are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin underneath your beard, so simply apply beard oil and go (or brush your teeth, it's your routine). If you wash your face you might lose half the benefit.

Are Beard Products Worth It?

We certainly think beard products are worth it, but some beard oils are more worth than others. You need to look for a beard oil that has been lovingly developed by men with beards, for men with beards. One that is designed to look after your skin and beard, using only natural ingredients.

man with  beard

If you have a beard and you haven't tried our Beard Oil, do your beard a favour and try a bottle! See what some of our customers are saying about our Beard Oil and try our beard products today.

Enjoy Gentlemen....

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