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The Top 5 Pomades On The Australian Market

The Bearded Chap represents quality and craftsmanship in everything we do, use or undertake. Pomade is something that those with hair on top will use everyday to look our best. Since we wrote this round-up, we've actually started making our very own pomade! Obviously we think it is the best of the best (we might be a little bit bias though). You can check out our organic traditional pomade that our community has grown to love over in our store.

Here we've put together a list of the top pomades and best men's hair styling products we suggest using to keep that mop on top looking as tidy as your beard.

#1  - The Bearded Chap Traditional Pomade

A Medium hold, Semi-sheen finish, easy to wash out and available online.

#2 Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 

Uppercut Pomade
A decent hold, medium shine, easy to wash out and available almost everywhere.

#3 American Crew Fiber

 American Crew Fiber
High hold, low shine, texturize and increases fullness to hair and epic in shorter hair.

#4 King Brown Original Pomade

King Brown Matte Clay pomade 
Medium dry hold with natural look and great for texture

#5   Bona Fide Matte Paste Pomade

Bona Fide Pomade Matte Paste
Medium to strong hold with a matte natural look finish,  super easy to wash out of hair.

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