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How to Apply and Use The Bearded Chap Original Beard Wash

Washing your beard is an extremely important part of your daily grooming routine if you're going to keep your beard smelling, looking and feeling healthy. Not only are there a million different shampoos and washes all touting to be the best! So which one is the best? That decision is entirely up to each individual, however we do recommend our international award winning, Original Beard Wash.

 This was the first of our products that we created that had a different scent! We named all of our scents after masculine traits, Rugged, Staunch and Brawny!  But we’ll get into the scents a bit later on.  Our wash is made through a special process that we run our oils through called the saponification process. Essentially turning our oils into soap! This process creates a natural soap that cleans your face and beard without all the nasty chemicals that you can find in other mainstream products.

The three scents we included in our products were chosen specifically to ensure not only that they smelt great while using our washes, but that actually had a purpose. Each of the scents we chose help stimulate blood flow to the skin, increasing the health of the area and encouraging healthy hair growth. Rugged has an incredible spearmint scent. Brawny has spicy cedarwood undertones and Staunch has an amazing masculine scent that comes from the Australian Kunzea plant.

To get the most out of your Original Beard Wash, we suggest using it in the shower however you can do a cheeky  face and beard wash over the sink if you’re in a hurry.


  1. Wet your beard and put an amount of beard wash suitable to cover your beard size. We suggest an amount about 3 cm in diameter.
  2. Massage The Bearded Chap Original Beard Wash into the face and beard. Make sure you work it up under the chin, jaw and moustache. The beard hairs will also act as exfoliators to ensure you remove dead skin particles under the beard.
  3. After you have massaged the beard wash into your beard, then rinse thoroughly, ensuring you have washed all of the beard wash out of your beard. If you do not rinse properly and have extra soap still in your beard, this can contribute to the soap continuing to dry out your beard.
  4. Repeat process if your beard still needs cleaning.
  5. Dry your beard completely making sure you dry off that wet patch that usually stays wet under your chin.
  6. Groom and styling in your favourite style and crush the day!

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