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How To Pick The Best Beard Styles For Your Face Shape

No man thinks, "I want to look worse. I think I'll grow a beard."But that's exactly what can happen if you don't choose the right beard for your face shape. Everyone has certain physical characteristics that can either be enhanced or diminished by a heard and hair style. The best way to ensure your beard only makes your face look even more devilishly handsome is to choose one that accommodates features like your jawline, cheekbone structure and forehead.

In this guide, we'll cover all the basics. We'll start off by covering the features of every face shape, then tell you how to determine your own. After that, we'll cover different beard styles for every face shape and some variations you can consider.

How Can I Identify My Face Shape?

Beard Guide for Face Shape

The best way to determine what beard style will be most flattering to your physique is to conduct a beard face shape test. There are seven different face shapes, each one distinguished by its general length, bone structure and the angle of its features. Some people can have elements of more than one face shape, but unless you're a Sim, 99 percent of the population will be able to identify a primary one that works well for all their future styling endeavors.

A beard face shape test is easy; grab a tape measure and stand in front of the mirror. Jot down these measurements on your phone or a notepad as you go along. You'll also want to pay close attention to the sharpness of your chin and jaw; the length of these shapes will influence how thick you'll want to grow a future beard.

Measure your face length. Start at the top of your head, right at the center of your hairline, and stop at the base of your chin.

Measure your forehead from the outer edge of one eyebrow to another.

Measure your cheekbones by placing the tape measurer on the outer corner of each eye and measuring the distance between them. The tape measurer should pass across the bridge of your nose, not under it.

Measure your jawline. The key here is to begin at the point where your jaw has its sharpest angle upwards; then, move it to the base of your chin. Multiply this measurement by two.

Portrait of a smiling man with beard

Okay, lads, tape measures down. That's it! And the best part is this won't count as part of your final grade. You don't even have to do any complicated math to figure out your face shape. It's all about comparing and matching your measurements to the definitions below.

  • Square: If your jaw is sharp, relatively wide and all your face measurements are similar, then you have a square face shape.
  • Rectangle: If your face length measures greater than your cheekbones and jawline, then you have a rectangular face.
  • Round: If you have a softer jawline and your face and cheekbones measure roughly the same, you have a round face.
  • Oval: If you have a rounded jaw and your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones, you have an oval face.
  • Diamond: If you have a sharp chin and your face measurements decrease as you move downward, then you have a diamond-shaped face.
  • Triangular: If your jawline angle measures greater than the width of your cheekbones, then you have a triangular face.
  • Heart: If your chin is more pointed and your forehead width measures greater than your cheekbones and jawline, you have a heart face.

man with beard in a blue coat

Beards For Different Face Shapes

Wondering how to pick the right beard for your face shape? We've got every face shape covered in the following guide. This is the perfect starting point for any aspiring bearded chap to start his journey. Before you know it, you'll be just as weirdly obsessed with beard products and styling tips as we are. Still, picking a style isn't everything - once you've figured out the best beard style for your face, you'll also need to groom your beard daily to keep it in top condition. Use beard oil, beard balm and a dedicated beard wash so you don't look like a caveman. Keep it classy, lads!

Best Beard Styles For Triangular Face Shape

Now, what if you've got a triangle face? Triangular faces get bigger as you ascend up the bone structure, so you need a facial hair style that won't throw off your balance. A short beard is best for this face type as men with triangular faces need to ensure that their beard's fullness and length don't make the pointed chin and sharp jawline more prominent.

triangular face surgeon with beard

One of the easiest beards to grow for any face shape that suit this one in particular is the beardstache. You can incorporate different mustache styles into some stubble and gain total coverage without exaggerating your chin.

You'll want short beard styles that don't cover your cheeks. This is the number one way to avoid drawing more attention to your chin and jaw and making the lower portion of your face more pronounced.

Best Beard Styles For Round Face Shape

Men with a round face are better off choosing a beard that has a defined angle. Without a good grooming routine, you'll soon find that a thick, long beard makes your head look ridiculously puffy. It's not uncommon for men who had a full beard to shave and have everyone comment that they look so much thinner. You likely have fuller cheeks, so you'll want to avoid any beard that extends outwards and exaggerates your cheeks' natural volume.

business man with a goatee beard

A goatee like the Van Dyke can look great on this face type with some stubble. A 5 o'clock shadow can be grow in just a couple of days, but your goatee will take a little longer to grow in. Whether you go with the Van Dyke or another style is up to you, but aim for something that's isolated around the chin area rather than on the cheeks.

Does A Beard Hide A Round/Fat Face?

If you're thinking about what beard makes your face look thinner, long beards that are closely cropped can help. Avoiding any thickness around the sides of the face, like mutton chops, will create a sleeker, thinner look. When it comes to facial hair, length adds leaness while width creates fullness. Striking the right balance of both can be tricky, but using your face shape to guide your style choices is likely to bring you the best result.

round face man with beard

To avoid looking fatter with a beard, avoid any excess hair growth below the chin area and on the sides of the face. Square and trim the neckline to create a sharper angle. Without the right cut, a beard can make your face look fuller rather than angled. Round-faced lads need to use their beard to create sharpness that compensate for their bone structure's natural softness.

Best Beard Styles For Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, you're a beard artisan's muse. It's hard not to brag about it, we know, but try to retain some modesty, hm, gentleman? Just because you look good with any beard doesn't make you better than the rest of us. We're not jealous. We're not, really.

The reason that an oval face shape looks good with virtually any and all beards is the combination of angularity and roundness. While most men struggle to find a beard that doesn't look out of balance with their forehead and jawline, most of your features are proportionate enough that you can sport anything from a mountain man's untamed mane to sleek designer stubble and a pencil mustache. Again, we're not jealous.

oval face shape man wth beard

Although you do have the greatest opportunity for experimentation, try to find your ideal look early in the game. A classic full beard that you shear depending on the season and your laziness could work perfectly; you can always go for a style that's low-maintenance, too, like stubble paired with a goatee or one of the many mustache styles that are coming back in style.

Best Beard Styles For Square Face Shape

With one of the broadest jawlines among all the face shapes, you'll want a beard that is close-cropped and always brushed downwards; avoid any beards that morph you into a comic book superhero who uses the force of his enormous jaw to smash his enemies. Alright, we admit that sounds cool, but trust us, it's not great in real life.

beard for square face shape

Your general beard shape should be round or triangular as opposed to squared and cut-off at the edges; keep the chin area soft or slightly pointed. Goatee beard styles, stubble or circle beard can help lengthen and soften a wide, strong jaw. In many cases, despite having a jawline that many men envy, men with square faces actually want to use facial hair to create greater balance.

Best Beard Styles For Diamond Face Shape

With a bone structure that would make a statue jealous, you'll want to make sure that your beard style accentuates rather than distracts from your naturally pointed features. Although your wide cheekbones and angular jawline are well-defined, your general bone structure points downwards. This means the wrong beard choice can completely throw off your facial symmetry.

beard for diamond face shape

A long beard isn't for you, but if you're dead set on getting some length, rely on a goatee and circle beard instead. Just don't make it pointy. Blunt edges and a squared-off neckline are better for someone whose face comes to a point at the chin.

Best Beard Styles For Heart Face Shape

Beards for heart shape faces need to be short in order to avoid further softening the appearance of your eyes, nose and cheekbones. Stubble and sideburns are better style for this face shape than a full beard. Although your heart might be set on beards that make you look like a badass sea captain, mountaineer or just a cool hipster, your small face will get lost among the growth.

beard for heart shape face

Opting for a short beard style will spare you time and allow you to create depth and volume with a goatee and sideburns that sharpen your jaw.

Ready for a sexy new beard? Check out the best beard styles in our beard types round-up. Now that you know all about your face shape, you'll be able to pick the most flattering beard for your type of face. Try the Bearded Chap's beard products and get started with a great beard grooming routine to complement your new look.

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