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Got Milk? Milk Reviews🥛 Ep #1

Welcome to the first episode of Got Milk? Milk Reviews. Over a glass of milk at The Bearded Chap HQ, we came up with some pretty fun concepts for content that we thought might be helpful and entertaining to our customers! These are no bullshit, Milk reviews that we take seriously so you know where to put your hard earned money when you're chasing that nice cold glass of milk!

The very first show we're release is Got Milk? Milk Reviews where our CEO, Luke Swenson & Warehouse Legend Callum Harvey jude every kind of milk you can think of on colour, if its dairy or vegan or nut milk, mouth feel and most importantly taste! We will be releasing a new episode every week until we run out of milk!  

First up is an Australian Classic, Pauls Milk Full Cream Goodness. 

We hope you enjoy as much as we had making it! 



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