The Filthy Beard Kit

...Because even the filthiest beards need a good scub!

Our Original Beard Soap trio takes Operation #CLEANBEARD to new heights with three distinct scents, Rugged, Staunch and Brawny. Highlighting only the most masculine scents, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Lemongrass and Ironbark, our Original Beard Soap will leave your beard smelling as a man's beard should.

The Filthy Beard Kit includes:

1 x Brawny Beard Soap

1 x Rugged Beard Soap

1 x Staunch Beard Soap

Our Original Beard Soap is specifically designed to clean your beard. Incorporating seaweed which acts as a soft exfoliate, nourishing surrounding skin to leave beards moisturised and in their most glorious form, when travelling.

Australian made and crafted from 100% natural ingredients including the finest oils of olive, sweet almond, grapeseed and coconut, this formula has been developed over a 9-month period and tested on bearded men to ensure it lives up to The Bearded Chap premium standard.

Each Beard Soap is unique, right down to the bar, which is cut by hand from a slab of soap, ensuring each bar is unique in character, much like it’s owner, and slightly rough around the edges.

Available in three masculine scents, Rugged, Staunch and Brawny.

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