The Bearded Adventure Pack

Choose your KingBrown Pomade

The Bearded Chap Adventure Pack is the ultimate beardsman kit. It contains pretty much all you need for your beard to survive in the wilderness by itself.

It includes our entire range of your favourite beard products so you can keep that beard clean, itch free and neat and tidy.

An Original Whisker Dam is included which is, pretty an umbrella, for your face. An easy to use solution for guarding your moustache from your beverages! No more messy mo, drinking from straws or flogging napkins! The Whisker Dam is hand made from 100% copper, dressed with a timeless patina & coated with a non-toxic barrier.

Our friends at KingBrown Pomade are another Australian male grooming brand making top notch products that keep your hair looking incredible to match your beard!

The adventure pack includes your choice of Bona Fide Pomade; a Traditional water based pomade formula. Smells amazing with a citrus & barber powder scent. In your choice of Super Superior Hold for that super strong hold or Matte Paste for the matte finish. 

This is the Ultimate gift for any bearded man!

The Bearded Chap Adventure Kit includes:

1 x Original Beard Oil

1 x Original Bead Balm

1 x Original Beard Soap – Brawny

1 x Original Beard Soap – Staunch

1 x Original Beard Soap – Rugged

1 x Old Time Moustache Wax

1 x Whisker Dam

1 x Bona Fide Pomade - Super Superior Hold  or Matte Paste

20 x Beer Mats

1 x Trademark Gym Bag