Limited Edition Beard Club Soap

The First Rule of Beard Club is: Tell everyone about Beard Club.

Inspired by the movie Fight Club, our Limited Edition Beard Club Soap is a true masterpiece! Spending months in development to get the look just right and ensuring it lives up to The Bearded Chap's quality standard, our Beard Club Soap is a shampoo designed to clean the blood, sweat and beer from your beard, without the stripping of its natural oils. Foaming up a shocking shade of pink, your beard is left with that clean feeling, avoiding the dryness of regular soap.

With a bruising scent of Australian Sandalwood, Himalayan Cedar wood & Lemongrass, our Beard Club Soap will keep you pumped while in the shower, cleansing daily and fighting recreationally.

Whether you purchase this as a collectable piece or to shake up your scrub, this is a must have product for every bearded chap!



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