Todd McBeardo

Name : Todd McBeardo

A supporter of ours from day dot. Todd is a 2 times World Beard & Moustache competitor and a all round great guy who keeps his beard in top condition with our range. 

About you:  Todd has had some form of facial hair since leaving school, be it a full beard, dirty mutton chops to other bright and colourful creations. His high school made him start shaving in grade 8 with a disposable razor and cold water. He learnt a lot in my schooling years and most importantly being never to shave again.
In 2013 Todd was the youngest competitor in the World Beard and Moustache Championships In Stuttgart, Germany, and competed in the Garibaldi category. In 2015, Todd competed at the World Beard and Moustache Championships again, this time in Austria and entered in the freestyle goatee category and placed 4th for his motorcycle handlebar inspired beard.

Catch him:  When away from work, you can catch Todd enjoy cruising around on his motorbike, catching up with friends over the odd beer/meal, going to movies and live shows, planning and going on holiday adventures and has been known to have an unhealthy obsession with cheese!

Follow him on instagram: @toddisms

Follow him on SnapChat : McBeardo

Signature beard style : "Day to day, I sport a natural full beard, but I compete in freestyle categories for beard competitions, so sometimes it gets interesting."

Signature Hair style: Undercut

Time with The Bearded Chap: "I have been using The Bearded Chap since it first became available, so about 3 years."

Favourite Product: "The Old Time Moustache Wax is my favourite. Without a mo product, it's difficult to eat and drink. It really shows the benefit of a natural product like bearded chap, as my beer no longer has to taste like chemicals!"

Why The Bearded Chap? "It's high and consistent quality, Australian made, a unique and complimenting scent profile across the range of products. The Bearded Chap listen and are responsive to customer feedback and they show support for local events, charities and businesses."