Tim Dodd

Name: Timothy David Dodd aka Tim The Barber

 Find Him: Turnstyles Barbers 

 About Tim: 26 Years ago Tim took on an apprenticeship in Barbering. "my Mum said get a job or else!". Tim started sweeping floors, and loved the interaction, old school customer service and finesse. He believes all barbers have a little OCD when it comes to attention to detail.  One of my old bosses said “you will, never be rich Tim, because you talk too F@#$ing much, But you will always have clients queuing to sit in your chair, you understand that every client has to feel the most important person in the shop”. Events like these during his barbering apprenticeship help Tim become recognised around the world for his barbering skills.  In his 30’s, Tim opened a small barbershop in the UK and then in Australia. Now in his 40’s I am enjoying the journey and not so much concentrating on the destination.  "Barbering is all about your attitude, anyone can perform a great haircut, It’s the attitude you approach to attain it, learn more and grow". Tim's passion for the barbering industry comes through when ever he speaks about the topic and has contributed a lot to the barber industry around the world, even receiving an award the houses of parliament in the UK for his services to the industry. "Barbering is bigger than all of us, so sometimes you got to shut up and cut hair, let our clippers/scissors do the talking".  

Store Address: Shop 67, Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, 2450

Shop Contact: 02 6650 0024

Shop Opening Hours: 9:00am - 5:30pm ~ MON, TUE, WED, FRI. 9:00am - 7:30pm ~THU. 9:00am - 5:00pm ~ SAT. 10:00am - 3:00pm SUN.

Signature Beard Style: The Classic Verde.

Signature Hair Style: Old school Pompadour & D.A's. "I love Cary Grant tapers and some new stuff too.

Time with The Bearded Chap: Since 2013. 

Why The Bearded Chap?  "I had clients asking me, “how can I get achieve the perfect beard, and why does it not look like the guys on Google images, models like Ricky Hall etc”. So I went on the quest of online research. Asked other Barber Shops. I started trailing different products. The Bearded Chap came up again and again. I found The Bearded Chap had the slickest multi media presence, and online information and education. Its branding and Packaging oozed confidence. I emailed them and was promptly asked to make contact. I then spoke to the CEO and Founder Luke Swenson. We hit it off straight away; I felt a strong connection to the product. I think Luke prides himself on knowing every one of his clients and has emerged himself into our noble trade. That is some achievement. He came down to Coffs Harbour to speak at Turnstyles Barbers Trade Education Evening featuring Barbers from London to LA, and spoke confidently to ours peers in a packed out auditorium. He was engaging and informative, and also knew more about the Beard than any of us. After full education and sales training, the Bearded Chap range started selling itself, the scents and feel of each product immediately begs the client to ask if they can purchase. I think most clients knew the name due to strong online presence. It is an outstanding product, which sells itself. When we train our clients how to groom using the great tip and tricks Luke taught us it always leads to a sale. We never sell we only recommend. Don’t be surprised to see Luke Swenson attend a Barbering workshop near you. He loves supporting us troops on the ground. The Branding, Packaging, Scent and textures immediately appeal to men. If you do not stock this, do so now, you have the “Tim the Barber Guarantee!”

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