Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"We make Bloody good products, for bloody good Beards that set the standard in our industry and educate gentlemen around the world on beard care” 

Our Mission 

The bearded chap is a team of positive, devoted, successful, (Mostly bearded) people, who are always striving to play full out in all that they do, both professionally and personally.  We will work within our “10 laws of culture”, to ensure that everyone who we interact with will benefit in some way to achieving their personal and professional goals and visions.

 We are in the business of creating refined looking gentlemen.  We will educate our customers on past and present grooming techniques in a fun and quirky manner through blogs, social media, video and any other technology that bears to fruit.

 Our products will always be of world class quality and value for money, whether created with in the company or sourced externally, will always be worthy for a gentlemen and contain or be made from the best resources and technology.

 Our customers, known as our Bearded Chap's, will be ambassadors for the renaissance of the beard and passionate about gentlemen’s grooming. They will continue to pass on traditional grooming methods for beard care and grooming .  They come from all walks of life, They will be smart, sophisticated, passionate men, who have a thirst for life. The want the best, they deserve the best, they are masculine gentlemen.

 Our customer will want to deal with us because we understand people are important, we create and offer the worlds best traditional and modern grooming products and accessories, we are sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and experts in this field. We give the opportunity for our customers to be their best-bearded selves.