Nick Carter

Name : Nick Royston Carter

A super chilled out guy who loves a beverage, Nick is a customer who loved our products and soon became one of our beard models and now lifestyle ambassador.  

About: Nick first started growing a beard 4 years ago, simply because he couldn't be bothered to continuously shave every 2 days. He has been throw a couple of stages in beard lenghts and have shaved it off once (Bad Idea)! Its now at a comfortable length for him in a shorter beard and easy to maintain. "I think its going to be staying for a long time".

Catch him: "A mate and I run and own a retail store called Stock and Supply (@stockandsupply), So most of my time is spent working in the bakery lane store in the Fortitude Valley. Apart from that I study marketing and keep busy with a few sneaky drinks here and there."

Follow him on instagram: @sinkorswim

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Signature beard style : "The neat and smaller bushranger"

Signature Hair style: Long on top, Short on the sides slick back.

Time with The Bearded Chap:  "I first met Luke, the Owner of The Bearded Chap down at the boundary street markets at their pop up barber shop almost 2 years ago and tried the products. After that moment I have not stopped using them and I've been lucky enough to get involved with their product shoots as a model. 

Favourite Product:  My favourite product mmm thats a tough question. It would have to be a tie between the Beard balm and the oil. Great smells and they last for ages. All the bearded chap range has simple and great uses. From the oil and balm to the limited edition fight club soap and beard wash. All of the products are east to use and effective in everyday life to keep and maintain a lushes clean beard, they are ;ong lasting and have great perfumes.

Why The Bearded Chap?  All the products are such high quality and have great smells, but it was the fact that The Bearded Chap is founded and owned locally in Brisbane, for me that was a big thing for me to stay loyal to The Bearded Chap brand.