Kenneth Johnsson

Name: Kenneth Johnsson aka freeSir 2.0
Find him: @freesir2.0 , Sweden.
About Kenneth: Kennith is a 2nd generation Old School Barber. He rew up in a Barbershop since since he was a child and got into the business by learning from his Grandfather and Father. Kennith has been a Master Barber for 33 years 
Educated in London and he was an apprentice in his father's Barbershop. He specialises in traditional barbering and now teaching the Old School way of Barbering to Barbers in Sweden and Europe.
He has been a stylist for several Brands and has even produced his own range of products at one stage. He currently is freelance Barber is an Wahl Ambassador in Sweden and Brand Educator for The Bearded Chap. You'll find Kenneth in his salon/Barbershop near the west coast of Sweden with his 7 employees creating masterpieces. 
Adress: Klockaregatan 2, 51154 Kinna, Sweden
Contact: +46 (0) 761350630,
Signature Beard Style: Every beard style, as long as well shaped and groomed.
Signature Hair Style: A Classic Boogie or Flattop, you can never go wrong with those two styles. 
Time with The Bearded Chap: Since 2017
Why The Bearded Chap?: I Fell in Love with this amazing range of Beard products the very first time I used them.  The Beard Wash is fantastic at cleaning your beard while at the same time has softening, moisturising effect. The Beard Oil and Beard Balm is so high in performance that I feel it beats all other products I've used in my long career. The fact that they are organic, small batch runs and have an amazing Old School packaging makes it them the best product for my Barber Shop and my customers.