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EOFY Exclusive Offer:

Buy 15 deodorants for just $225 and get an additional 15 for FREE!

This offer saves you an incredible 74.96% off the RRP or $673.50 off the total of $898.50 if you were to purchase 30 deodorants over a year (which many of you have already done!)

This exclusive VIP offer is available by invitation only, for 48 hours and will never be offered again.

Why Are We Giving You This Offer?

At The Bearded Chap, we value our customers and want to reward your loyalty with exceptional deals. This VIP offer is our way of saying thank you for choosing our deodorant and trusting and supporting our Brand. This is a one time offer and never will be repeated again! Imagine having a year’s supply of our premium deodorants at your fingertips. Keep one at home, one in your car, one in your office, and still have plenty left for travel or gifting to friends and family. This offer ensures you never run out of your favourite deodorant!

How It Works:

  1. Add to Cart: Simply Choose the deodorant fragrance you want to your cart. This will be for 1 x 30 units in total, calculated at the discounted price. 
  2. Automatic Discount: Once you have selected your fragrance, for your 30 deodorants, you don't need todo anything else. 
  3. Checkout: Enjoy the savings and get your years supply of deodorant at our VIP rate at a fraction of the price.

Take advantage of this one off exclusive VIP Deodorant offer and get your years supply of deodorant at an unbeatable price.

Select your favourite fragrance below & Add to cart and take advantage of this incredible deal!

Agrandir Exclusive VIP Deal: Buy 15 Deodorants, Get 15 Free - Save $673.50!
Agrandir Exclusive VIP Deal: Buy 15 Deodorants, Get 15 Free - Save $673.50!
Agrandir Exclusive VIP Deal: Buy 15 Deodorants, Get 15 Free - Save $673.50!

FAQ's About the Offer

Q: Can I choose different scents for the free deodorants?

A: No, unfortunately due to the value of the offer, we can't mix and match fragrance. You will need to select your favourite fragrance, and your 15 free deodorants will be that fragrance also. E

G: If you select Tobacco & Vanilla and add to cart, you will receive 30 x tobacco & Vanilla deodorants.

If you want to add Herbal deodorant also, you can select Herbal and add to your cart also get 30 x herbal deodorants. In this example, you would have purchased 60 deodorants.  

Q: Just to clarify, I just choose my fragrance I want, with Qty of 1, and I get my 15 deodorant + 15 Free?

A: Yes, That is correct! If you want more than one fragrance, after adding the first fragrance to your cart, you can then select another fragrance and add to cart also.

Q: How will I know my free deodorants are added?

A: We have created a specific product that includes all 30 deodorants in your selected fragrance, so your 15 deodorants will be added automatically when you add the fragrance above to your cart.

Q: Is this offer available Everybody?

A: No, this exclusive offer is available by invite only to all our VIP deodorant customers.

Q: How long will this offer last?

A: This offer will last for 48 hours only and is only available via the link sent to your email. Offer Valid Until 29/06/2024 11:59pm AEST. *Cannot be used with any other offer. *Terms and conditions apply

🤑 Unbeatable Savings

Save $673.50 compared to the regular price!

🚫  Aluminium-Free Formula

Gentle on your skin, free from harsh chemicals

⌛️Long-Lasting Protection

Stay fresh and confident all day long.


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