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Put down that hair shampoo and step away from the shower. Do you want a prickly, dry, steel wool-esque beard on your face? No! Of course you don't. Normal shampoo will strip the oils from your facial hair and leave you scratching like crazy. Calm your face with our specifically formulated beard shampoo and get your hands on a great product created especially by makers of beard products. The Bearded Chap beard wash will leave your beard soft, clean and smelling great. Use it as a face wash or body wash as well. We think it's a bloody good beard shampoo, for bloody dirty beards!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beard wash?

The best beard wash should:


  • Hydrate your beard.
  • Nourish your beard.
  • Keep your beard soft.
  • Help you control your beard.
  • Help you avoid frizz and style your beard easier.
  • Relieve the dreaded ‘beard itch’.
  • Keep your beard smelling great.
You can find out more about Beard Grooming Essentials and beard care with this guide.

What does Beard wash do?

Beard wash does a lot of things. First, it washes your beard, keeping it clean, and smelling fresh. It also helps clear pollutants and other dirt and grime which could damage your beard hairs. On top of this, it is formulated to hydrate your beard, unlike normal shampoo which will make your beard too dry.

Do you really need Beard wash?

Yes, you really do need beard wash. Beards can get dirtier than the hair on your head for a start. But also, it's is made especially for beard hair, and will hydrate and care for your beard. Normal shampoos will only dry it out, so a dedicated beard product is essential.

Our Beard Grooming Guide will explain more.

Will beard wash help to soften my beard?

Yes, beard wash will help to soften your beard. Unlike normal shampoos, it won’t strip the moisture from your beard. And hydrated hair is softer hair, so a dedicated wash can help soften your beard. Beard oils and beard balms are also a good idea if you'd like to soften your beard.

How do you use beard soap?

You should use beard soap, or beard shampoo, in the same way you would normally wash your hair. Simply apply to wet beard, leave a few moments and rinse. As beard hair is drier than other bodily hair, you can get away with washing it more often, without it getting greasy. We also recommend daily application of beard oil after you've washed your beard to keep it soft and healthy.

Learn more about how to use beard soap with our Beard Grooming Guide.

Can I use hair shampoo on my beard?

You should not use hair shampoo on your beard, as it will dry it out and make it rough, itchy and hard to manage. Good beard shampoos are formulated specifically for beard hair, so a proper shampoo for your beard is needed to make sure your beard is hydrated, soft, and easy to style.

How often should I wash my beard?

You should wash your beard as often as you need, so long as you are using a dedicated beard wash. As beard hair is drier, it is less likely to get greasy from over-washing. However, shampooing can dry out your beard too, so be careful not to over wash. Remember to apply beard oils as well in order to keep your beard moisturised.

Learn how to care for your beard with our Barbers' Guide To Growing A Beard.

What is the best way to wash a beard?

The best way to wash a beard is with a dedicated wash made specially for beards. The reason is that normal shampoo can dry out beard hair, which is naturally much drier than head hair. Shampoo for beards is designed to provide your beard hair with the moisture and nourishment it needs, so it is by far the best way to wash a beard. If your beard needs additional moisture, use our beard oils after.
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