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Without our customers, The Bearded Chap would not exist. We wanted to do something special for our customer to reward their loyalty and give something back that reinforces the brand, lifestyle and attitude that comes with being a Bearded Chap.

The Bearded Chap royal enfield riding

After some brainstorming late last year, we came up with the idea of building a slightly modified Bearded Chap motorcycle would be an epic prize for one lucky Bearded Chap to WIN! So we made a call to our friends at Royal Enfield Australia to see if they would be interested in doing collaboration on The Bearded Chap Motorcycle.


Introducing The Bearded Chap Royal Enfield 350 Classic.

The Bearded Chap Royal Enfield

The Bearded Chap royal enfield front

The Bearded Chap royal enfield black

royal enfield side

The standard Royal Enfield 350 Classic straight off the showroom floor is an incredible retro looking motorcycle and would easily look the part on display inside your man cave or an everyday around town bike. The 350cc engine is super smooth and more than enough power for around town (You can actually "ride" the bike like its meant to and not get done for speeding!). The bike is also super light so it's easy to ride and maneuver around town in tight spaces without the fear of dropping it, but still super comfy for a cruise along the coast or through the country. The simplicity and classic nature of the entire Royal Enfield range of motorcycles mean that it’s a bike you just hop on and enjoy. We all enjoy the simple things in life, especially in today's hectic society.

Royal Enfield Australia logo

Royal Enfield Australia

Above: The standard 350 Classic in White.

Even though the standard Royal Enfield Classic 350 is an epic bike, we wanted to ensure it stood apart and represented what a Bearded Chap. So we engaged the lads down at Smoked Garage Motorcycles in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD, to do some minor customization to ensure it met our spec. We wanted to modify it just enough so it stood out from the crowd but still allowed whoever won the bike to add their own little touches and make it their own. The guys at Smoked Garage are the real deal when it comes to motorcycle modifications. They all ride bikes and know what they are talking about, no BS. If you are in Brisbane, their new showroom is located in the Valley, in the old Iceworks building and is a must visit destination if you a piston head feen.

Smoked Garage Australia

We obviously had to add our trademark to the bike, but we didn’t want to over do it so we incorporated our brand onto what use to be the carburetor case on the original Royal Enfield’s of yesteryear and the electrics case, matching the original cream colours so it looks like it was delivered from the factory like that.

The Bearded Chap Royal enfield logos

We dropped the large mirrors off the bike and put on some small bar end mirrors. We also removed the gigantic standard muffler as it every Bearded Chap wants a bike that sounds tough and replaced it with a short pipe. Boy does it sound tough now! You can hear the bike coming from a mile away and pops and crackles going down through the gears or when you back off the throttle. The Smoked garage boys also wrapped the exhaust header in heat tape for a street look.

The Bearded Chap Royal Enfield Emergency Beard Grooming Kit

On the new 350 Classics, the carburetor filter is located inside of a lockbox on the right hand side of the bike as it was only drawing air from a 2 cm hole in the back of the lock box which restricted the air intake dramatically. We replaced the standard Carburetor filter with a pod filter strapped directly onto the carburetor to ensure maximum airflow. It definitely added a noticeable amount torque making it a bit more perky when you need to pull the throttle back. Removing the carburetor from the storage compartment opened up the lock box for us so that we could incorporated our favorite part of the bike. An Emergency Beard Grooming Kit is into the lock box that includes our Original Beard Oil, Original Beard Balm and Old Time Moustache Wax, so when you got off the bike after arriving at your destination, you could make sure you beard is looking sharp! Just like our subtle branding, we wanted the artwork for the Emergency Beard Grooming Kit to look like it came from the factory.

The Bearded Chap Royal Enfield Emergency Beard Grooming Kit open

Overall, The Bearded Chap Royal Enfield 350 Classic turned out pretty awesome we think! We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think about it, so leave a comment below! If you are in Brisbane, head into Smoked Garage to check the bike out as it is on display in their showroom.

To enter to WIN this bike, all you need to do is:

  1. Purchase any of our products from our online store or any of our retailers (make sure you get your receipt if you buy it from a retailer). Every dollar you spend gets you 1 free entry to win the bike. Eg; If you buy $80 worth of our products, you get 80 entries to win the bike.
  2. Take a photo with your phone of your paper receipt if you bough a product from one of our retailers or screen shot your receipt if you bought it online.
  3. Go to our website and click on the WIN Banner on our home page or CLICK HERE.
  4. Fill out your details on the win form.
  5. Upload the photo of your receipt.
  6. Have a beer and imagine how awesome its going to be when you win!


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March 01, 2017

Great work guys, love the promotion and really respect the work and effort that went into this.


March 01, 2017

Great work guys, love the promotion and really respect the work and effort that went into this.

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