'Modern problems require modern solutions.'



A friend once said to me, 'Modern problems require modern solutions.' and that couldn't be more apparent right now.  Not only to adapt to the market but to provide a service to our community that will keep us safe, we've crafted our GERM KILLER hand sanitiser that couldn't be more upfront with the name. 
Over the last week we've sourced a recipe for the strongest possible alcohol based hand sanitiser from the World Health Organisation (WHO), while driving and sourcing ingredients all over Queensland to craft this lotion as fast and responsibly as possible. 
Our Germ Killer sits at 80% v/v and is fast acting medical grade hand sanitiser that was developed along side Emergency doctors on the front line.
We've also listened to your feedback with our 250ml bottles including a pump top and our 100ml bottles with a mist spray top.
PRICES are as follows:
As our Videographer and content creator, I'm starting to document our process of this craziness and what the day in the life is at our factory at the moment. So keep an eye out for content to come!
These are interesting times, and in that we've adapted to create a product that will help our community and loyal customer's.
Right now more than ever, 'be the man nature intended' is a shifting term as so does nature. We're not simply living among nature, but rather we are nature.


Stay Safe and Soldier on.

Videographer and Content Creator @ The Bearded Chap



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