How to Apply & Use The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm

Learn how to apply your beard balm to your beard so you can get the best out of your product and keep your beard looking like a gent. We cover the basics of what beard balm does and each step in the application process.


Step 1: scrape a thumbnail worth of bearded chap original beard balm and place onto your hand. If you have a larger beard, you might need a few scrapes of beard balm, but we recommend starting with a smaller amount and building up as required. 

Step 2: Place beard balm into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. The beard balm will melt down almost instantly into oil form ready for you to apply to your beard. 

Step 3: Apply beard balm to your beard in a downward stroking motion, styling down. You want to apply beard balm topographically as you don't want it to go onto your skin as sometimes you can get blocked pores from the waxes. You can comb through the beard balm with a comb or brush to get your desired style. 

Used beard balm every single day as apart of your grooming routine as it will help protect, style and condition your beard. 

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