July 14, 2016

Hi, My name is Mick, and I'm about to go on an incredible journey to Fiji which I wanted to share with my fellow Bearded Chaps!
It's been quite an adventure bearding on this planet, from the time of having a part-time lazy man beard, to the time when I was blessed and converted to full time bearding by a gentle beard rub from Nathaniel Beard (The Beards bass player) over 3 years ago. In that time I have met wonderful people in the beard family and have also encouraged, much to the dismay of some partners, a lot of boys to become men by growing a beard. It has always been a great way to start a conversation and to make guys feel good about themselves.

Like a lot of men, I have wanted a change in my life that would help motivate and excite me, and make me a better person for myself and the people around me. I really wanted to do something to catalyse this change, like a farm stay or health retreat, but I felt these were somewhat selfish ventures. Then the Fiji opportunity came along. In August this year I'll be joining a team of 24 in Nadi, Fiji on a week-long project to complete the second stage of a community-centred church that will include amenities and living areas for the locals. The facility will act as a hub to bring the community together and help people in need.

Not only will this expose me to a totally different way of life, build confidence in myself and others and help the Fijian's in a very practical way, the Nadi trip will also bring a sense of love and hope to a community of beautiful and well deserving people, something that money can't buy.

Please go to the link to find out more and follow the adventures of Beard at Beardmansstorey.

I would like send a big hairy thank you to everyone involved, the donors and The Bearded Chap for sharing this cause.

PS: for those who were wondering, yes Beard will be accompanying Face on the trip. When you see all the bearded Fijians on the news.... you'll know his work is done :) Cheers, Mick 


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