August 19, 2016

 One of The Bearded Chap's core missions is to create products that make men feel and look their best selves. We want our customers feel like powerful, respected gentlemen after using our products during their morning routine to get themselves prepped for the day ahead, so when they walk out the door, they are ready to take on the world!  

Lately, I have been personally getting in touch with our customers and talking with them about how they originally heard about The Bearded Chap, why they use our products and how they make them feel. During these conversations I discovered a trend that almost all of our customers are searching for something. They were all incredible men who were super passionate about their jobs, professions, hobbies, family, so much so, that when I hopped off the phone with them, they made me want to do what they were doing. ( Well, maybe not, because I truly love what we have created here at The Bearded Chap.) But the one theme that ran through every conversation I had with our customers was they had certain traits, which could be split up into 6 different categories of gentlemen.

  • The Warrior - A gentlemen who stands up for what he believes in and protects his own. a tough, courageous leader in business, community or the battlefield. 
  • The Lone Wolf - An intellectual gentlemen,  free-thinking, self-sufficient independent gentleman who is his own man. Mostly enjoying the arts, business and entrepreneurship.
  • The Adventurer - A gentlemen who explores, wonders and travels with a free spirit, courage and is willing to take risks. Usually has the most incredible stories and possesses some entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The Traditional Gentlemen - Suave, charismatic, respectful who dresses impeccably and is confident, witty and proficient in the art of conversation.
  • The Statesmen - A patriotic who puts the good of the nation before his individual pursuits. He is steadfast in his morals, principles, vision and is driven by these. He has the ability to build consensus amongst people to achieve the vision and is respected because of this. 
  • The Family Man - This gent is considered your “average joe”, but is far from it. Works hard and does the right thing everyday. Blue collar values hold true. His family are what drive him to be his best self. 

This week, one of our long time customers Tim Ring stopped by the factory to pick up his new deodorant  and we got talking about what he was up to and informed me of his story of his journey in the last year since he started using our products and how The Bearded Chap lifestyle had inspired him. This conversation was the catalyst for a weekly blog, this being the first of; called Bearded Chap in the Spotlight. The Bearded Chap in the Spotlight will be a blog about one of our Bearded Chaps and what they are doing with themselves and how they are living the Bearded Chap lifestyle. Our Bearded Chaps are incredible men. We have been extremely lucky to hear many of their stories, so we thought we should share it with the rest of our Bearded Chaps to share the success our Bearded Chaps in our community. Hopefully these stories will inspire more Bearded Chap's in turn to be their best selves every day, in all that they do. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. Enjoy Gentlemen….. Luke Swenson ~ CEO & Founder of The Bearded Chap.


So introducing, our very first Bearded Chap in the Spotlight, Tim Ring. 

The Bearded Chap dog trainer

Dogs, Beards and the meaning of life…

I’m a dog trainer. That’s what I tell people when they ask what I do for a living. Most people nod and ask for a free bit of advice for fluffy at home and leave it at that. Not many people however, wonder how one can make a living from being a dog trainer or what journey has taken place for me to get here.

See I’m also a business owner, company director, franchisee and entrepreneur; the last of these being the hardest to define. It wasn’t hard to register a business name and set up a company. Anyone can do that. The hard part was accepting how much work it would take to reach each and every client I’ve had and will ever have. That part was scary and quite frankly, an unknown quantity. The unknown is what makes taking that first step so hard.

I have a beard. That made me an easy target for Luke when I was walking past The Bearded Chap stall at the Brisbane Southbank markets about a year or so ago. He physically grabbed me and made me try their beard balm right there and then. I liked it, a lot. I bought a few things and while Luke was processing my purchase he explained that he had started this business from a place of not-knowing and the journey he had been on. He also told me how happy he was doing something he loved and that’s what kept him going during the tough times.

I won’t wax lyrical about how that chance meeting changed my life. The reality is that I was content wearing the RAAF uniform, serving my country, training dogs and teaching new recruits to train dogs. Being content isn’t a bad thing is it? Well not for most people, but some want more. Seeing the difference between contentment and happiness that day was what made me call the RSPCA and start the ball rolling on opening my first School for Dogs venue. Fast forward almost a year, and I now have Schools operating in New Farm and Bardon in Brisbane, QLD, Australia with awesome dog trainers looking after the Redcliffe and Springfield venues. As the greater Brisbane Schools expand daily I can let you know that we will be seeing RSPCA School for Dogs on the Gold Coast very soon as well! The sky really is the limit. My life is now focused on helping people and dogs. I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than doing that for as long as I have left.

I work hard. Harder than I ever have. But I love every minute of it. I will always buy The Bearded Chap products because they represent the fundamental ideals of loving life through loving what you do for the majority of it. I hope my past, present and future clients feel the same way about what I’m doing. Oh, and if you want to know why your Fluffy barks so much? It’s because he wants to! And that my friends, is the meaning of life.

Tim Ring - that Dog Trainer guy

RSPCA School for Dogs

If you want to get in touch with Tim, please do. If you want to share your Bearded Chap story, please send us an email to


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