Top 5 tips to get the most from your Beard Soap

Our original Beard Soap is the first step to creating and maintaining serious #beardenvy.  Our Beard Soap is designed to cleanse your beard, gently exfoliate the surrounding skin and replenish the level of natural oils, leaving your beard in glorious form. 

We have three scents available, Rugged, Staunch and Brawny, each offering a unique, masculine scent for the refined gentleman. 

Cut by hand, our Beard Soap is compact and portable, otherwise perfect for the worldly, travelling gent. 

For more information on our range of Beard Soaps, visit the website here. In the mean time, we leave you with our Top 5 Beard Soap Tips

1. Lather up and rub into your beard. 

2. Not just for the face, our Beard Soap can be used all over and will leave you smelling fresh, clean and moisturised.

3. After use, allow soap to dry on a dry surface. That way you'll get anywhere up to 3 months out of your product and it will stop your soap from turning into moosh. 

4. Don't leave behind in a hotel room, it's too good to share. 

5. If you're on the go, keep the box it came in as it doubles as a soap carrier so it wont leave your wetpack soapy. 

6. If you prefer the liquid form of soap, check out our Beard Wash, (it's the stay at home version of our soap),

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