The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil

Original Beard Oil

Height 4.00
Width 3.00
Depth 2.00
Size 1 fl oz / 30 ml
Ingredients Grapeseed Oil ,Hemp Seed oil ,Jojoba oil ,Almond Sweet Oil,Rose Hip oil ,Australian Sandalwood oil,Siberian fir needle oil and other premium oils
Size Required

Original Beard Oil by The Bearded Chap


Our Original Beard Oil Handcrafted and Bottled Individually in Brisbane, Australia.


After months of research in the beard lab, The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil was born.

Using only the finest oils in the world , our Original Beard Oil uses the unique combination of eleven base and essential oils to create Australia's first and original beard oil.


Completely handcrafted and bottled individually by a bearded man, each Original Beard Oil is made in absurdly small batches in our factory located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Our Beard Oil formula absorbs quickly into the skin so you don’t get that that greasy, heavy feeling. But rather, a soft supple feel as your face is hydrated and moisturised, stopping that "itch" while nourishing the facial hair, and leaving you with an subtle forrest, citric, spicy aroma. 


The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil has been designed to be used all year round and suitable for men with light/heavy stubble to a full beard and comes in two sizes, 1 oz or 3 oz bottles. 



  • Stops Beard Itch
  • Stops Beardruff
  • Intoxicating subtle scent for the ladies
  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Comes with a drip stopper to reduce wastage
  • Comes in a 1 oz or 3 oz bottle.

Our bottles are designed to look 100 years old by the time you've finished using it. 


Enjoy Gentlemen....... 

How To Apply Beard Oil?

If you are looking for instructions on How to Apply or Use Beard Oil this video is for you. This is the first of many videos that we'll be putting up to help educate bearded men around the world on how to groom their beard and keep them looking sharp, professional & well polished like a gentlemen should.

This Beard Grooming 101 Video will show you how to apply beard oil. Beard Oil is a must have if you are serious about looking after and maintaining your beard. Incorporating beard oil into you daily grooming routine is a great habit to get into and will pay dividends in "as little as ten to fourteen days. That's how long it takes to add the moisture back to your skin and beard." Dr. Jeffrey Benabio - Expert behind Dove's Men+Care line.

1 fl oz / 30 ml
Grapeseed Oil ,Hemp Seed oil ,Jojoba oil ,Almond Sweet Oil,Rose Hip oil ,Australian Sandalwood oil,Siberian fir needle oil and other premium oils

Product Reviews

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Awesome beard oil.
Written by Dan on 7th Mar 2016

Top notch combination of oils and an addictive smell. Not greasy like some other beard oils. Leaves my beard looking feeling and smelling great. Would recommend too any fellow beardsmen.

Bigger bottle is better.
Written by Wade Geering on 20th Jan 2016

Already been using this oil for over a year. Love the new larger sized bottle.

Simply the best
Written by Rob on 27th Nov 2015

Been using this oil 3-5 times a week. Smells amazing and has made my beard softer and stronger, with less hairs coming out with combing/brushing.

The Game
Written by undefined on 12th Nov 2015

My beard is pining for the original beard oil. It looks longingly towards the letter box every afternoon... but alas the bearded chap knows how the game works, treat em mean keep em keen. I sure it will be tops when I receive it. Must be coming from Alaska. 1 week via snail mail.

Hubby Love's it!
Written by Annette on 24th Jun 2015

The beard oil is great, my hubby loved it his beard is shiney and smells delicious. Will definately order more when needed

The good oil on beards
Written by Mike Smith on 20th Jun 2015

I recently became interested in using a beard oil. After a lot of internet research into 'beard oil' ingredients, and their benefits towards beard maintenance, I settled on The Bearded Chap's 'Old Time, Original Beard Oil'. I am presently very happy with this product. I have rather sensitive facial skin, which doesn't take kindly to some chemicals and ingredients. So far, so good. No unwelcome skin reaction at all. Very nice scent, my partner said she likes it as well. I also like the fact that it is made in Australia. I might add that I love the packaging and labeling. Thanks chaps for a great product.

Great Quality, Great Product
Written by Ryan Cunningham on 17th Jun 2015

I have been using this product for over a year and love it. Leaves the beard feeling soft and smelling manly. Highly recommend it.

Smells Great and helps my beard stay healthy.
Written by undefined on 10th Jun 2015

i enjoy the aroma and so does my wife. My beard stays healthy and keeps from drying. I will buy a bottle to send to my brother in America because Zi know he will appreciate it too.

Speaking from Experience
Written by Richard Cant on 19th May 2015

This is my second time growing a big bushy beard and out of all the products in the market this is outstanding. I've used different brands but this is the best, it has a great fragrance and it really moisturises the hair and skin better than other products. The team at the bearded chap are great to deal with online and even the stockists in NSW are good to deal with for any bearded chap product from beard oil, beard balm and moustache wax. I'll keep using The Bearded Chap for their excellent products and customer service. Great team

Simply glorious
Written by Julia Robertson on 19th May 2015

My husband and son both use this beard oil and it is nothing short of fabulous. It has the added benefit of smelling divine. Beard oil that attracts the ladies. What more could you ask for!

Great product for the discerning gentleman
Written by John-Paul Scholes on 7th May 2015

With a multitude of beard oils available in today's market, this product is a stand out. Lightly scented, the oil has a spicy, citrus and masculine fragrance. On application, it absorbs quickly leaving my beard feeling softer and less spiky. Overall a great product, coupled with outstanding and passionate customer service.

Noticeable difference within days
Written by Adam on 27th Apr 2015

I've found this oil has made a noticeable difference within the first few applications. It's made the beard softer, alleviated any beardruff and made the beard easier to maintain.

original is the best way to describe it
Written by undefined on 13th Mar 2015

In one sentence, it leaves you feeling groomed

soft smooth & sexy
Written by charlie on 14th Feb 2015

This beard oil is amazing! My beard is soft & easier to maintain, it is smooth & looks great, & it smells incredibly sexy!!

Oil of the gods.
Written by Andrew on 12th Feb 2015

Possibly brewed by zeus himself for his personal use. Within a week i went from clean shaven to looking like zztop. In all seriousness it smells incredible and isnt greasy at all. Makes my beard look and feel and smell amazing! Combine it with a swift combing and shes apples.

Great product
Written by Dennis on 3rd Feb 2015

I've only been using the oil for a few days and already I can see an improvement in the general condition of my beard. The beard feels softer and is much easier to look after. Love the scent, it's nice and bold to start with and then mellows quickly.

Why would you bother with any other Beard Oil
Written by Dane Lewis on 28th Jan 2015

This is the only Beard Oil I have and ever will use to tame the beast that is my beard. My beard feels soft and smells great, my girlfriend loves it! To me The Bearded Chap Beard Oil ticks all thr boxes.

Great product
Written by Dan on 12th Jan 2015

Great product scent & spreads easily through the beard. Great personal service with the hand written note! cheers again.

As if a beard couldn't get any better...
Written by Ky on 12th Jan 2015

...this product achieves it - and more. My wiry scratchy mess of a facial scourer was dealt a softening and lustrous blow with this product. Baby ducks now reside where only echidna's once roamed. Thank you Bearded Chap!

Wirjs a treat
Written by Allan on 7th Jan 2015

A nice subtle scent and it does what it claims to do. Love the packaging... Masculine and smart.

the greatest
Written by paul on 28th Nov 2014

this oil is perfect..The smell is divine and lingers for hours. the oil itself keeps my beard moist and good conditions so good I get its delivered to the UK once I run out. No other product gets close

Super Effective and Great Value for Money
Written by Marcus on 15th Oct 2014

I received my Beard Oil in May and over 5 months later I am only just about to run out - that's less than $10 a month! I used several drops of oil just about every day to tame my fierce growth and it works superbly. The fragrance is much more subtle than the other inferior oils I have sampled and the packaging is better too. Does your beard feel dry and scratchy? It doesn't have to!

panties will fall at the sight of your beard with this!
Written by jimmy on 17th Sep 2014

After using this beard oil it's like my beard has gone to heaven and cranked up a chainsaw and started mercilessly hacking down every tree, leaving nothing but destruction and crushed furry animals in its wake, but no, seriously, it's damn good stuff, smells amazing too!

Customers came to me asking for it, Sold out in 4 days
Written by tim dodd on 5th Sep 2014

Not only the best product on the market, it actually backs it up with online education. Great smell too. Men want to smell like men not a fruit basket.

Best on the market
Written by tim dodd on 5th Sep 2014

Not only the best product on the market, it actually backs it up with online education. Great smell too. Men want to smell like men not a fruit basket.

WOW!!! so soft!
Written by Adrian Kozak on 3rd Sep 2014

I thought nothing would be able to bring my beard under control, well i was proven wrong! Not only does the oil smell great it makes everyone take more notice of your glam beard, it takes your beard to a whole new level. It smells great, looks great, makes the beard sparkle in the light and it makes the beard soft. I thought there would be a problem with having oil in my beard because i stroke mine like Gandalf (in an attempt to look smart) but once it is in the beard it’s all good. I haven’t got a bad word to say about the product, i have even dropped the bottle accidently and it did not smash. Loving it!!!

First time consumer
Written by Nick on 29th Aug 2014

This is the first time i have purchased a beard oil and must say i am very happy with this product. It goes on easily and effectively softens hair and moisturises skin to rid you of the dreaded 'Beard itch' and resulting face dandruff leaving only the masuline scent this product promises. As it says on the bottle, "Enjoy Gentlemen"!!

Smells good
Written by Alex on 18th Aug 2014

After 1 week can definitely say it smells good (the gf is still surprised at the effect it has on her...), but hasn't tamed and softened the hairs as much as hoped at this stage. I'll be persisting for a while longer. The Bearded Chap **- Alex, Remember, it takes up to 14 days for a fully dehydrated face to become hydrated. If you're beard is really wild, you will need to look at using our Original Beard Balm.

Written by Mat mcv on 15th Jul 2014

If it rained in heaven then it would be raining this beard oil! This stuff is amazing, best investment ever! My beard is loving it. Great smell and it definitely takes the rough edge of the beard. I've no itchy beard since I've started using it which is a great thing. Gone are the days of itchy, rough and unhealthy beards. I'd write more but I have to go Re-oil my beard. Cheers guys.

Does what it says
Written by Ian on 1st Jul 2014

Works well on reducing the itch and softening the growth.

Awesome product
Written by Sam on 19th Jun 2014

Though my beard is still in it's beginning stages, the beard oil really stops itching and dryness and makes my beard feel really healthy. Smell is amazing, too.

Written by matt on 17th Jun 2014

smells great and makes me feel more manly

Written by undefined on 17th Jun 2014

What can i say, been searching for the right one, and here it is. what a great product.

5/5 review
Written by undefined on 4th Jun 2014

I rate a beard oil on it’s “taming” factor. Will it give my beard a natural look, conditioning and softening it for the entire day? The Bearded Chap oil came very close to this; so close that I would consider any failure of it to be within the margin of error and possibly attributable to factors like the weather, humidity, etc. If you have the means, this beard oil would make a nice addition to your selection. Read the full review at

Best oil out there
Written by MarkESQ on 4th Jun 2014

great masculine smell and my beard feels great after every use.. makes me wonder why I hadn't used any product ibn my beard before

Creator of Wonderbeard
Written by Michael Walpole on 29th May 2014

Great product with a natural masculine smell. My beard has never been as presentable and full!

Written by Andrew on 28th May 2014

Hey guys - the best purchase I have made! Makes the beard nice and professional.

Must have for us Beardos
Written by Jim on 16th May 2014

Beards feels so much better, will definitely be coming back for more.

Smells good!
Written by undefined on 15th May 2014

Bought this oil for the hubby to tame his beard. Its gone down well and certainly smells good!

Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2014

My week old beard loved the bearded chap beard oil. it stopped that dreaded itch which i was suffering from and smells great. perfect product for anyone with facial hair or is is attempting facial hair

the beardedchap original beard oil review
Written by marty on 5th Apr 2014

This is the third time I have purchased beard oil, but this is the first time I have used the Australian brand, the beardedchap, first of all before we get to the product it's self, I was super happy with a quick delivery and was really happy to have my purchase within a day of making my order. As far as the oil goes it has a nice sort of tea tree scent which leaves a beautiful but not over powering smell about the face, I found that after only applying a few drops and rubbing through my beard it leaves it nice and easy to groom and shape what ever way I prefare! For me this is a great little product and I would highly recommend for the bearded gentleman.

Oils Ain't Oils
Written by Charles Strebor on 2nd Apr 2014

My review can be found on my blog:

Good product for banishing the "I live in a log cabin" look
Written by Winston on 19th Mar 2014

I've been using this for a week or two and I'm happy with the oil - I have a medium length beard and find I only need a few drops to get full coverage. It helps keep my beard reasonably soft and groomed and from becoming too much like a steel scourer on my partners face - something she appreciates. I like the woody smell although my partner isn't overly enamoured with me smelling like a tree.

Smooth and luxuriant
Written by Andybear on 10th Mar 2014

After using Bearded Chap Beard oil my beard is no longer wiry, has a great smell and feels wonderful. Great product

Written by Caz on 27th Feb 2014

I have been using this beard oil for a few months now and am onto my second bottle. I find it warms nicely in the palms and goes on light. The scent is warming, citrussy, but not over powering. I found a few drops would suffice in my early beard-days (1-3 months of growth), and perfect for controlling itch, but as soon as you have any amount of beard you can run your fingers through, you're going to need more. I pour a pool about the size of a 5 cent coin in the palm, that seems to do the trick. I find if I apply in the mornings, and happen to be standing in the sun or bright light, I get a lot of 'Shiny Beard' comments. I do a lot of air travel for work, and work in a dry environment, so without this oil, my beard hairs tends to go brittle, and my skin flakey, this beard oil keeps it healthy and in check. Cheers.

Written by undefined on 26th Feb 2014

Maybe I need to use more, because my beard isnt softer. Or else I have extra scratchy hair.

Look at the hansom man!!
Written by paul on 26th Feb 2014

Yes men that is the comments I have getting.. Can I stroke it, You smell nice.. I kid you not A great product that I use daily cause I love the comments I get. Thanks you chaps and keep up the good work

Instant Lumberjack
Written by Tim V on 24th Feb 2014

Great Product, have used it for a week now, no more beardruff or itch!! Definitely recommend!!

i just absolutely love it
Written by on 22nd Feb 2014

It's my first beard oil and i look forward to coming back to you guys!

Try it. Your beard will love you. They will too!
Written by Gregor on 20th Feb 2014

Amazing scent. Feels great. Makes you and your beard look great. You will surely impress others with your manliness.

Awesome Product
Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2014

I've only started to let my beard grow. My dream is to have a full thick beard. My beard is growing thick on my chin, below my jaw line and neck and my mustache grows in fast and thick. The hairs on my cheeks are thin and sparse but long and hopefully it will get thicker. This oil is awesome for my beard as it helps keep it smooth, soft and smelling nice. Makes it easier to comb too. It definately helps my beard growing adventure more bearable. Two thumbs up, Bearded Chaps!

Fantastic Product
Written by Rob on 10th Feb 2014

Not only does this smell great, but it makes my beard so much easier to manage. Highly recommended.

very impressed!
Written by ryan on 3rd Feb 2014

Great smell Softness overload Makes it look better A+

Wonderful product
Written by undefined on 30th Jan 2014

The Beard Oil has a beautiful natural aroma and leaves the beard soft and itch free!

the good stuff
Written by undefined on 28th Jan 2014


Smells like a man should.
Written by John on 25th Jan 2014

Deep and musky. I like it. I literally had 3 people at the same time in my beard smelling it. It was a life changing experience. Having 3 people (none of which were my fiance') in my beard.

Written by Mark on 23rd Jan 2014

This stuff is great, it's only early days but my beard has never looked better, would recommend!

love it!
Written by undefined on 26th Dec 2013

This is by far the best beard oil, my beard looks better than ever and smells great too.

Give your beard the best
Written by michael thomson on 18th Dec 2013

Bearded Chap beard oil is great my beard is softer easier to comb and smells great Thanks Bearded Chap

Product of Greatness
Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2013

Better than sex

great beard oil
Written by Glen on 10th Dec 2013

Excellent product beard is soft and shiny

Great product
Written by Tommy on 9th Dec 2013

I'd recommend this to anyone - fantastic beard oil

The Smell Of Success
Written by Adz on 9th Dec 2013

I have been growing my beard for a few months and have been finding that our lovely Australian climate is making my growing experience very hard to handle. I started using the Beard Oil about 2 weeks ago and the itchy feeling that I was getting that almost cost my beard its life has stopped and the beardriff is a thing of the past and it doesn't make my beard heavy and oily. The missus isn't a big fan of the hairy chin shield, but she loves the smell of all the ingredients and that's a win for me, cause the beard is here to stay. Big shoutout to the crew at The Bearded Chap for there fast delivery and there awesome products. You have a customer for bearded life!!

It Shined like Orion's Belt!
Written by Don Trump on 21st Nov 2013

Being a serial Beard grower i often fell ino the age old trap of either having to trim my beard back or just shave it off completely due to severe itchiness. Enter 'The Bearded Chap, Original Beard Oil' Within days o using it I noticed that the itching was gone, my beard felt amazing, smooth, that 'steel wool' feeling was gone and My girlfriend was able to kiss me again with out looking like her mouth had been Mauled poison Ivy! This stuff is Great, the results, A number of glowing recommendations to friends, Family and work Colleagues. Another added bonus, my face is hydrated and my beard Shines like Orion's Belt! Ill definitely be back for a top up shortly, and will continue using the Bearded chap beard oil moving forward!

beardruff and itch be gone
Written by Robert on 13th Nov 2013

Bought this product after a barber put some in my beard after a trim. Didn't even know it existed. Have been using it for a bit over a week now and am very impressed with the results. Reduced beardruff already. No more itch and my beard is a lot more manageable and doesn't tangle as easy. Great product and customer for life from now on!

the man smells good
Written by Jasmine Bursic on 24th Oct 2013

I bought this for my boyfriend as a surprise present after he enlightened me on beardruff and said that he was considering shaving his beard off. Couldn't let that happen! He had never heard of beard oil and was pleasantly surprised. Said it is amazing! His beard shines in the sunlight and he smells amazing. Cheers guys!

Sweet Beard
Written by Dan on 24th Oct 2013

I have been using this for a week now and I would say the results were pretty immediate. It certainly gives you a bit more body to your beard which helps to scare away the other alpha males. The smell is delightful and it feels great. I was getting comments after the first day rather than people throwing coins at me. Definitely recommending to my hirsute comrades.

Great beard oil
Written by Mel on 9th Oct 2013

To put it simply this beard oil is great and would recommend it to anybody growing facial hair. I have used it about 4 -5 times and already my beard is remarkably softer, less itchy and my beardruff is almost gone. It also makes your beard look & smell great the guys also provide a great service even attaching a signed note

Written by Sultan on 26th Sep 2013

I love it!! the smell is good, gives you that feeling of care. I wasn't happy with the price, but when I sow and used the oil I found out that the bottle could last for ages, so, it's worthy!!! There is a next purchase for sure. cheers,

Definite must buy if you have facial hair
Written by MonsterZero316 on 15th Sep 2013

The oil itself is very pleasant smelling, my girlfriend really likes it. The barber i go has complimented me on how healthy my beard is, he is very impressed by the improvement since I started using it. It works well on relieving itchiness and dryness on the face. I am very happy I bought this, plus its 100% Australian made. It doesn't get much better than that.

Australia's first beard oil!
Written by barber man on 10th Sep 2013

This beard oil has to be one of the best beard oils in the world. Each oil was selected for its individual qualities for repairing, nourishing and strengthening the skin and beard and smelling nice at the same time. The girls I see love it! It takes about 14 days to cure a really dry beard, and after that its just a matter of maintaing it. on an average sized beard, you'll probably go through a bottle every 2-3 months. On light /heavy stubble, it will probably last 3-5 months. Best of all, Its 100% Australian made and owned. Definitely give it a try.